Price Information

Instance Fee     

Elastic IP (EIP) with monthly subscription.

Billing Item Region Line Configuraion (Mbps) Price (USD/Month)
Bandwidth Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou
1-5 (inclusive) 3.73/Mbps
6 and above 14.93/Mbps
1-5 (inclusive) 4.48/Mbps
6 and above 14.93/Mbps
Singapore BGP 1-5 (inclusive) 3.43/Mbps
6 and above 11.94/Mbps
Russia BGP 1-5 (inclusive) 4.48/Mbps
6 and above 14.93/Mbps
Traffic Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou BGP - 0.15/GB
HongKong BGP - 0.15/GB
Singapore BGP - 0.11/GB
Russia BGP - 0.12/GB


1. When the total inbound traffic bandwidth of the current available zone is lower than the outbound one, Kingsoft Cloud will release the user's inbound limit, allowing a certain amount of excess to enhance the user experience. If the purchase bandwidth is less than 50Mbps, the maximum access to the room is 50Mbps; if it is greater than or equal to 50Mbps, the ratio of the outbound and inbound bandwidth should still be 1:1.

2. When inbound bandwidth is greater than outbound, limits will be imposed on users inbound associated with the non-symmetrical traffic.