Price Information

Instance Fee     

GPU Elastic Physical Compute provides services including hardware (GPU, CPU, memory, and hard disk) and network. The price of the instance hardware is in the table below.

Type Type Code Description
GPU Standard Compute P3E (Series 3)

It provides a total of 48TFlops single-precision floating-point computing power and 96GB of memory, which can be used for large-scale neural network training and online reasoning.

Currently, two types are supported: GPU physical instance standard type and GPU physical instance standard cluster type.

GPU Inference Compute P3IE (Series 3)

Based on NVIDIA Tesla P4 GPU, it satisfies the computational power requirements in deep learning (especially inference) scenarios with single-precision floating-point computing power of up to 44 TFLOPS and INT8 processing capability of 176 TOPS. At the same time, the single-card power consumption is only 75W, which has a very high performance-to-power ratio.

GPU Standard Compute P4E (Series 4) Based on NVIDIA's Tesla V100 GPU, P4E has superior computing power, supports single fine floating point computing capability of up to 14*8TFLOPS and mixed precision (FP16/FP32) matrix computing capability of 112 * 8TFLOPS, providing solutions for deep learning and reasoning. 

Monthly Subscription:

Type CPU  Memory (GB) Disk

Price (USD/Month)

P3E E5-2690 V4*2 128 800G SSD*8 Nvidia_P40*4 RAID 5/50/Single Disk RAID 0 4,179.11
E5-2690 V4*2 512 800G SSD*8 Nvidia_P4*4 RAID 10/5/50 2,611.94
P4E.56F8 E5-2690 V4*2 512 960G SSD*6 Nvidia_V100*8 RAID 5/50 8,358.21