Wang Yulin: Cloud Computing Promotes Digital Transformation and Industrial Upgrading

Cloud computing promotes digital transformation and industrial upgrading. Kingsoft Cloud has become one of the leading cloud computing service providers with leading technology and market share in China. Kingsoft Cloud has been pursuing digital transformation and upgrading, and all walks of life have also responded positively. In response to how to promote industrial upgrading more efficiently, Xinhuanet invited Wang Yulin, CEO of Kingsoft Cloud, to exchange ideas on related topics.

Three Platforms "Cloud, Big Data and AI" of Kingsoft Cloud Accelerate the Arrival of the Age of Intelligent Media

Recently, at the Fifth Central China Convergence Media Summit in 2018, Chen Wei, General Manager of Kingsoft Cloud Media Department, delivered a speech on this topic. He said that the media industry is evolving towards intelligent media, which requires four abilities: intellectualization, digitalization, ecological coordination and service transformation. Kingsoft Cloud will rely on sufficient technological accumulation and in-depth understanding of the media industry, with the three platforms of media cloud, big data and artificial intelligence as the basis of four capabilities, to enable the construction of intelligent media.

Food Safety Tracing Cloud Launched by Kingsoft Cloud, China Food Association and Zhixin Traceability Research Institute

On December 6, the Fourth Conference of Food Safety Tracing and Risk Control of Fast Consumption Supply Chain were held in Xiamen. Kingsoft Cloud, Food Safety and Information Tracing Branch of China Food Association and Jiangsu Zhixin Traceability Research Institute have reached tripartite strategic cooperation to build Food safety Tracing Cloud Platform.

Kingsoft Cloud releases King Design Public Components, aiming at enterprise market

Recently, after a lot of practice and summary, King Design Public Components (KPC), an open source front-end design language for enterprise market, has been officially released by Kingsoft Cloud. It can help enterprises with front-end design needs to quickly build their own unique visual and interactive style, thus greatly saving time for design and modeling, and improving the efficiency of business on-line.

Big News at the Xiaomi AIOT Developers Conference: Kingsoft Cloud Released Intelligent Habitat Solution

On November 28, the Xiaomi AIoT Developers Conference was held in Beijing. The founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, Lei Jun, came to the scene and explained Xiaomi's strategic layout of the two core businesses which are AI and IoT. As an important participant in Xiaomi AIoT strategy, Wang Yulin, CEO of Kingsoft Cloud, was invited and delivered a speech on the theme of Cloud Computing Connecting Intelligent Age. At the conference, Kingsoft Cloud released AI-house, an enterprise management platform for intelligent habitat, and on this basis, launched a cloud-to-end integrated intelligent habitat solution for vertical industries.

Kingsoft Cloud Released the Galaxy Platform, Leading the Age of Privatized Deployment of Public Cloud

On November 22, the 2018 Global Internet Technology Conference (GITC) opened in Beijing. On behalf of the front runner of Internet technology development, the conference invited more than 100 big names from all over the world to give speeches and discuss the future technology development trend in depth. Liu Tao, Kingsoft Cloud’s partner and general manager of Cloud Computing Products Center, was invited and delivered a speech entitled "The Advanced Way of Kingsoft Cloud Galaxy Platform (KCGP)" at the "Infrastructure Session".

Big News:Kingsoft Hybrid Cloud Solution 2.0 is published

In recent years, the tide of digitization has been rolling in. Enterprises are moving from traditional IT infrastructure to cloud computing solutions at an unprecedented speed. Computing, storage, communication and security are no longer independent technologies, but become the hub of the comprehensive integration of cyberspace at the cloud level. By integrating data centers and cloud computing resources, it mixes commercial data centers, customer data centers with public clouds, private clouds and IT infrastructure to meet the IT needs of enterprises in the new era, which has become the trend of the times.

Kingsoft Cloud and Akamai Enters into Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Beijing - November 8, 2019 - Kingsoft Cloud, one of China's biggest cloud service providers, and Akamai Technologies (NASDAQ: AKAM), the intelligent edge platform for securing and delivering digital experiences, today signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly promote and accelerate the globalization of Chinese Internet enterprises both locally and internationally.

Foreign Companies to Enter China’s $140 Billion Worth of Internet of Things Market with Kingsoft Cloud

National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) held the first EdgeNext Summit in New York, and enterprises like world-renowned cloud service providers AWS, Citrix and Kingsoft Cloud, the global telecommunications giant Ciena, and the well-known CDN manufacturer Limelight are invited to discuss the global opportunities and challenges brought about after edge computing breaks through technical barriers.