IDC Report: Kingsoft Cloud has been ranked among the top three Internet cloud vendors in China for three consecutive years

On May 6, IDC, the internationally renowned consulting organization, recently released its report “China Public Cloud Service Market (second half of 2010) Tracking”. The data shows that in the second half of 2018, Kingsoft Cloud is still ranked among the top three Chinese Internet cloud vendors in China's public cloud IaaS market. Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud and Kingsoft Cloud have consistently ranked among the top three Internet cloud vendors in China in the past six consecutive semi-annual reports from 2016 to 2018.

Kingsoft Cloud Song Wei: Build a Trustworthy Smart Government Cloud with Focus and Innovation

Recently, the Kingsoft Cloud Beijing government cloud project was awarded the “2019 China Open Source Cloud Computing Effective Application Project” at the 2019 (5th) China Open Source Cloud Computing User Conference. Kingsoft Cloud has participated in Beijing “Xiangyun Project” for seven years. With the construction of government informationization and the development of cloud services, government informationization has entered the cloud era. The innovative mode of Internet plus government service such as "no meeting approval" and "one network handling" has become a consensus on government informationization.

Kingsoft Cloud becomes a gold member of CNCF to build global open source technology ecosystems

On March 21st, the world-renowned non-profit organization Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced that Kingsoft Cloud became its gold member and officially joined CNCF. Kingsoft Cloud is the leading cloud vendor based in Kubernetes to provide container services in China. Joining CNCF not only marks that it has fully participated in the global open source technology ecological construction, but also marks its technical strength has been recognized by the global core open source organizations.

Kingsoft Cloud cooperates with China Construction Bank in big data

Recently, Kingsoft Cloud and China Construction Bank (hereinafter referred to as CCB) officially cooperated in big data. Kingsoft Cloud has leading data processing capabilities and autonomous and systematic big data product system, which is the basis for becoming an important partner in the process of CCB's financial technology strategy.

Kingsoft Cloud Q4 revenue shows “AI+Enterprise Market” harvest season, increasing 81%

On March 26, Kingsoft released its full year and fourth quarter earnings for 2018. Its revenue was 5.906 billion yuan, including Kingsoft Cloud's revenue of 2.218 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 66%. In the fourth quarter, Kingsoft Cloud's revenue reached 727 million yuan, a strong growth of 81% year-on-year, and far higher than the average growth rate of 42% in the Chinese market. Thus, its share of Kingsoft's revenue has continued to increase to 41%.

Kingsoft Cloud solves their cost pain point, joining hands with Intel for perfect enjoyment of video cloud

As scholar Clay Shirky said, "It is the inconvenience of human intelligence and the environment that together create our society." His words aptly describe the rapid development of the mobile Internet today. Let’s take network video as an example. Video resource has snowballed, which has led to accumulation of massive users and huge video content libraries. Under such circumstances, the "The Great Navigation era" in the video field is arriving.

Kingsoft Cloud overcomes difficulties in interactive live broadcast of 10-million-level

Today, watching mobile videos and interactive behaviors create tremendous value, which can't be overstated. However, when videos are presented to each user quickly and smoothly, twists and turns behind it are not widely known. Specifically, in the first few months of this year, colorful information and entertainment content of the Spring Festival and the two sessions (NPC &CPPCC) were well received and praised by users. People watch live broadcasts and participate in entertainment interactions, but there are a lot of challenges behind them.

Kingsoft Cloud provides top technical support for Xiao Ai virtual assistant, more than ten billion activations in the past two years

Recently, Xiaomi officially released Xiao Ai, a new upgraded virtual assistant. Its 4-inch touch screen and on-screen interaction greatly expand its usage scenarios, making it different from previous generations. The latest data shows that the cumulative sales of Xiao Ai speaker has exceeded 9 million, which is one of the most popular artificial intelligence speakers in China.