The Design of Kingsoft Cloud VPC Infrastructure

Private VPC Infrastructure Provides the Best Internet Network Monitoring

It has been a long challenge for Chinese internet companies and infrastructures providers to provide users the best network and connectivity, whether it’s across China or across telecom carriers internationally. A common problem for all the big cloud providers in China.。Kingsoft Cloud has overcome this obstacle by creating unity among region division using the fastest and redundant connectivity to greatly improve offsite deployment. 

Being the early cloud provider on Region VPC, Kingsoft Cloud has self built the redundant network in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Carrying over 80 line BGP public network and over 500G bandwidth, it also provides EPC and KIS services. On this single network group side, it can support up to 20000 physical servers offer 's the best public cloud infrastructure.


Kingsoft Cloud VPC design principles

Kingsoft Cloud products offer/support high elasticity, high availability and high performance. They are built on the best infrastructure including a reliable IDC network, multiple same city and offsite networks, and also the self-built BGP. The core reason for the VPC design is in the self-built technology with high stability, high availability and also high flexibility. From the data link and control link side, Kingsoft Cloud has used 100% self-built technology to solve problems for our customers including the reassurance of high reliability and high stability.

Our Hybrid Cloud is Based on Kingsoft Cloud 's VPC Infrastructure 

Although the public cloud and private cloud markets have been developing quickly in China, medium to major sized enterprises are still trying to find a balance in between agility, cost, security and reliability. Only through hybrid cloud enterprises can you customize a solution that best fits. Hybrid cloud is not just simply mixing public cloud with private cloud, it is more of getting a better connection to increase the efficiency when crossing cloud platforms.

The best thing about hybrid cloud is that it can adapt to all platform needs so users can enjoy the high efficiency from public cloud while staying within their own IDC. This lets users have both the security from private cloud and also the flexibility of computing from public cloud.

Kingsoft Cloud VPC allows user to logically divide and control areas in the cloud and self-deploy all kinds of KS products in their virtual network. Users can also construct hybrid cloud solutions through private line/VPN for seamless moving data into the cloud.


Kingsoft Cloud Hybrid Cloud Solutions

By doing a hybrid of physical server and virtual server through VPC, Kingsoft Cloud products allow cloud managed hosting with VPC and KIS. This also supports users to build a combination of IDC and multiple cloud connections. Users have the flexibility to expand cloud application resources based on their business needs, and with the support of physical server connected to VPC, this will lower the IT operation costs inside enterprises, and it prevents enterprise core data from spreading and helps them easily construct hybrid clouds.