Three Main Points Behind Mobile Streaming

Three things everyone must know about Mobile Streaming

There are three major challenges that mobile streaming is facing: first, live streaming now mainly revolves around popular apps such as Hua Jiao, MoMo and Yingke, increasing the number of popular bloggers and followers that are using this brings even more competition between products, content and app operations. Second, with the rise of live streaming technology, users are demanding more high quality and high resolution symmetrical playing experience. Third, with the rise of streaming users, bandwidth costs are rising and hence the streaming platforms are facing even more financial pressure to deliver to a greater audience.

How can streaming platforms break out of this steep competition? The answer is that they need even more advanced technology on optimizing users experience while reducing cost.


Satisfaction requires, smooth playing and high resolution

Live streaming is all about real time interactive experience. From the first moment the screen opens to low latency, users have different expectation towards different live streaming events.


Gaming is a perfect fit for live streaming. When users are on mobile devices they expect all the images, experiences and dialogue of the gaming characters to be just as colorful and vivid as on PC. There is a heavy interactive experience during games so users want to have a great experience.


Blog events and shows are another important use case for live streaming. They require interactive functions such as high quality picture, interactive presentations, and sticker downloads. These all need to be done in real-time. In addition, bloggers stream frequently in outdoor settings where the internet is unstable. It is very important for faster uploads of their videos even when the internet connection is slow.


Mobile streaming supports scenarios like gaming, blogger streaming and E commerce. Although the users may have slightly different expectation in different scenarios, maintaining a smooth stream, latency free service are the keys to a successful streaming platform.


Protocol H.265 supports high resolution with lower cost

Live stream includes a few key steps including collection of the videos, encoding, push/pull of the stream. According to statistics, the cost of live stream bandwidth make up nearly half of the whole operational cost for live streaming platform. Therefore, lowering the cost of bandwidth by optimizing decoding and encoding is very important.


Video encoding and decoding are undergoing a dramatic growth. The oldest format MPEG-1  now H.264 and to H.265, offer the ability to compress at 2x every ten years. Right now H.265 can save 30-50% on bandwidth cost, and it can provide better PSNR than H.264. more importantly, H.265 can support 4K and 8K resolution with lower bandwidth cost.


Choose KSC265 for multi scenario and platform on live streaming

Although H.265 has improved capabilities, speed and functionality are limited to the H.265 open source encoder. The hardware chip does not fully support H.265, especially on  mobile streaming and mobile devices. The industry has not come up with a solution to maximize the capability of H.265. Kingsoft Cloud recently released KSC265, a revolutionary product that can fully release the capability of H.265 in mobile streaming. H.265 was awarded with the best encoding software title in 2016 by the Moscow State University.


On the technology side, KSC265 is fully compatible with H.265. on the capability side, KSC265 brings more savings on bandwidth in comparison to X265 by 10%-30%. At the same time, KSC265 can support all kind of platforms including X86, X64 and ARM32/64Statistics on different encoding rate while using KSC265.


Statistics on different encoding rate while using KSC265

So far Kingsoft Cloud live stream demonstrates that it can fully support H.265.  For example with gaming, 720P and 1080P are the core expectation of live stream users. But the higher the resolution the higher the cost, and it also requires symmetrical stability from users internet environment.   


Kingsoft Cloud has used a SDK and full link access to provide a higher resolution with a lower cost solution for streaming platforms. This is done through collection of encoding during push stream, including combining PC games UI and broadcast, and uses KSC265 to encode the videos, and upload the videos to the server, while increasing the transfer code of H.264 to let users play the videos in a shared environment. Ultimately play the video in the APP by using KSC265 to decode or use hardware chip to decode and play. This helps users to achieve a high resolution experience with lower internet speed but also lowers the operational cost for video and streaming platform providers.



Kingsoft Cloud KSC265 Live Broadcasting Solution

As for the live broadcasting and social media broadcasting the requirement for resolution is not as high but it cares about improving the experience, interactive presentation and low latency communicating/speaking, hence, to apps that require encode rate 800Kb – 1.2 Mb , by using KSC265 solution they can save up to 30% on bandwidth cost. If there are 100,000 people online watching the video, this can save up to 30G on bandwidth.