MagnaChain, the world's leading game public blockchain, joins Kingsoft Cloud's "Project-X" program

Since the release of Kingsoft Cloud's blockchain game ecology “Project-X” program, the whole blockchain chain game ecosystem architecture consisting of blockchain platform infrastructure, blockchain underlying technology, blockchain game development, operation and distribution has gradually matured and is highly concerned by the blockchain industry. Recently, the world-renowned game public chain MagnaChain (CellLink Global Holdings Pte. Ltd.) and Kingsoft Cloud reached a cooperation, will jointly promote the transformation of traditional games to blockchain games.

As the first cloud service provider to propose that game is the best application scenario for the blockchain, Kingsoft Cloud managed to accelerate the development of blockchain technology in the game industry, and launched a full ecosystem game blockchain “Project-X” program, which is committed to becoming a catalyst for the transformation of traditional game into blockchain game. MagnaChain owns an underlying public chain platform for game developers, which provides blockchain technology for third parties while creating an ecosystem including almost unlimited distributed applications and tokenomics that really change rules of the game.

MagnaChain is located in Singapore, and its main business is the development and operation of Blockchain systems and distributed applications (dApps). Its proprietary product MagnaChain includes underlying public blockchain platform and related integration toolset used for system development. Through the usage of blockchain technology-supported developer tools, its fast blockchain transaction rate and the mode of contributing wisdom and resources together in the developer community help to form an excellent solution for the combination of game product and blockchain technology. The9 Limited, a Chinese Internet company listed on NASDAQ, is one of the cornerstone investors of this project. In the current game market, a small number of publishers and distribution channels own the vast majority of resources and market sales. Developers are hard to survive in this highly competitive industry, resulting in serious game homogeneity, monopoly of big factories, and disruption of game balance. Kingsoft Cloud and MagnaChain reached agreement that the blockchain technology based on the distributed accounting will revolutionize the industry. The two parties will work together to promote the application of blockchain technology in game scenarios. While providing game developers with full-platform services, they are committed to creating a richer, decentralized gaming experience for players, protecting their virtual assets, freeing operators from centralized game platforms as well.

For developers, they create blockchain games with high technical barriers and learning cycles. Flexible and easy to use, safe and reliable is the design principle of KBaaS, the blockchain technology platform of Kingsoft Cloud. This collaboration with MagnaChain will enable a seamless connection between game developers and blockchain technology. For example, the KBaaS platform will provide a powerful SDK that enables developers to develop blockchain games using familiar game engines and code languages such as Unity, Unreal, Cocos, Marmalade. The smart contracts that blockchain gamers are most concerned about will be written in Lua, making game trading easy to run on the blockchain.


In order to facilitate the rapid spread of blockchain technology in the game industry and create a global blockchain game ecosystem, Kingsoft Cloud helps to organize an activity named "MagnaChain Global Blockchain Game Developer Contest" in China, and Mr. Zhu Jiang, the person in charge of the blockchain in Kingsoft Cloud, will be a judge of the event. The contest sets a total prize value of 1 million US dollars, and strives to discover excellent blockchain game works, foster excellent blockchain game developers, and also provides a platform for game developers to communicate and cooperate with each other, in order to explore the infinite possibilities of blockchain technology in game scenarios.