Kingsoft Cloud announces the release of IPv6 deployment


In the real world we need directions to find restaurants, movie theaters, or stadiums.  We also need IP addresses for our information to be delivered to the right person or company. With the rapid growth of internet, OTT streaming, IOT devices and computing, the original IPv4 can no longer meet our needs. IPv4 can only offer up to 4.29billion IP addresses, which is not enough for demand today. The birth of IPv6 can provide up to 3.4×1038 IP addresses.


IP addresses, like everything in the internet can be identified by an IP address, even the smallest entity can get an IP address.


IPv6 can provides sufficient web addresses to support a growing internet, a well-recognized solution for next generation internet service. Kingsoft Cloud is one of the first cloud providers in China to provide IPv6 and keeps advocating for it. Through in-depth research and customer analysis on IPv6, Kingsoft Cloud launched the application of NAT64, which can help customers provide IPv6 service even in the IPv4 environment, seamlessly connecting both IPv4 and IPv6.

Start IPv6 early to win big

This past May the Chinese MIIT announced the <Internet Protocol Advancement Agreement on IPv6 scale deployment action plan> (ie:Action Plan). 50% of cloud providers are expected to modify their existing cloud products to meet these IPV6 needs by the end of 2018. There will be  over 50 million users on IPv6. Even before this Action Plan was ISO, Kingsoft Cloud already was building for the adaptation of using IPv6.


Kingsoft Cloud has completed the large scale deployment and build out of IPv6 to meet customers and end users need. IPV6 can support dual line connections with CERNET, and provide global coverage. IPv6 works with IPv4 GRE access capability, and through public cloud and hybrid cloud it provides customers IPv6 services. On the testing requirements side, Kingsoft Cloud built a dedicated testing environment to help customers migrate seamlessly to IPv6. In certain regions it can now seamlessly transition from v6-v4 address along with using DNS64 to resolve the domain names. This completes the IPv6 testing and enables customers to be ready online.


Kingsoft Cloud’s IPv6 capabilities already including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. On the IaaS side, Kingsoft Cloud is scheduled to finish building out IPv6 dual line in the upper Northern region backbone, and this supports authoritative DNS and 4/7 layer LB. In the future, PaaS and SaaS will use IaaS IPv6 as an infrastructure base to build out more products such as machine learning platforms, big data platforms and data base services.

Smooth transition to IPv6 has 3 major steps

Although everyone understands the importance of IPv6 but the migration to IPv6 is a huge task. This involves internet reconstruction, service equipment upgrades and changes, and changes in internet protocol. Therefore, the migration process needs to be planned carefully and thoroughly in order to avoid any service interruptions. Now Kingsoft Cloud has planned this in three phases:

Phase 1 – In 2018, the internet market needs to connect with IPv6 flexibly and start testing services, build out regional carriers IPv6 and IPv4 dual line access capability. 

Phase 2 – in 2019, gradually perfect the IPv6 transformation to achieve dual line connection in most major networks

Phase 3- By 2021, Kingsoft Cloud will support all IPv6 and IPv4 dual line protocol, helping users to seamless cut over to IPv6.


IPv6 is the gateway to the next generation internet, Kingsoft Cloud has been developing services to work while supporting IPv6. This has helped many small / medium enterprises to upgrade from IPv4 to IPv6 and access IPv6 capabilities.


Kingsoft Cloud will provide a professional one stop shop for clients to upgrade to IPv6 including consultation. IPv6 planning, operations and maintenance for all of these customers will help them to be ready and capable to adopt IPv6 to create a better, more intelligent next generation internet.