Kingsoft Image Enhancement Product, creating the ultimate visual experience through AI

Since Apple pioneered the era of keyboardless design, mobile phone manufacturers have used the most important screen-related technology in human-computer interaction as a core differentiation tool. In addition to continuous optimization of the capabilities such as image acquisition, it is constantly updated in terms of screen size and resolution.

Advances in technology will further stimulate people's enthusiasm for high-definition picture quality. However, high-resolution technology still faces many problems in order to be widely used. First, the transmission cost of high-definition pictures is high, thus App manufacturers will compress pictures before transmission. Second, pictures that have been compressed several times are of poor quality, and even with a high-resolution screen, there is still a poor experience for users.

In order to solve the contradiction between high-definition experience and high cost, Kingsoft Cloud launched KIE (Kingsoft Image Enhancement) based on AI technology, which is applied to mobile end or picture transmission and can be able to bring users ultra-clear image viewing experience, save 75% of image transmission bandwidth costs as well.

Currently, when the image is decoded on the mobile end, it mainly applies the traditional bilinear interpolation method, which will cause mosaic and burr when the picture is displayed on the high resolution screen. Kingsoft Image Enhancement (KIE) using AI real-time super resolution processing technology, can reconstruct the image and make it high-definition to fit the high-definition screen, especially for those pictures with low resolution and poor quality. With the technology, the mosaic and burr areas can be well repaired, and finally we can provide users pictures of premium quality.



Comparison of picture effects (Left: original image; Right: using KIE)

Whether KIE can be able to help to reduce the cost of image transmission is more concerned by enterprises, for the reason that the consumption of bandwidth resources caused by pictures and videos accounts for a large proportion of the cost for most of enterprises. Bandwidth savings can bring huge cost savings.

Kingsoft Cloud released KIE this time, which meets with both high-definition and bandwidth saving requirements. After adopting KIE super resolution technology, the picture will be compressed before transmission, and then restored in real time at the receiving end to reconstruct the picture with the same effect as the original one, so as to ensure that the picture is not distorted and the maximum bandwidth savings.

To be specific, an original large-size image can be transmitted to the client at a lower bandwidth after being compressed to the original 25% size. When receives the image, the user can use the computing resource of the mobile phone to utilize the super resolution model and the restoration model, in order to restore a picture with the same definition as the original picture.


Comparison of transmission bandwidth of the same resolution picture before and after using KIE (Left: 165kb; Right: 81kb)

Kingsoft cloud AI image quality enhancement product, KIE, can be integrated into various application scenarios in the form of SDK, including various mobile phone manufacturer systems, APP applications, browsers and other enterprises with image transmission requirements. The SDK provided by it is currently support Android and iOS system, and can process pictures in real time in user end, and compatible with mainstream image formats such as JPG, PNG, WebP, etc., which can greatly improve the visual effect of pictures and enhance the viewing experience of users.