Kingsoft Cloud- China's top CDN and cloud provider

Today there are about 120 companies with regional China CDN license. However, there are only a few that have been granted a National China CDN license. The top 3, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, and Kingsoft Cloud are all CDN companies that have the National CDN license. What it takes for these companies to apply for a National CDN license require they must comply with the Chinese telecom business operation measure, which means they should meet the requirements of the right value added services including basic telecom, business capital, headcount, facility and the right designs. At the same time, National CDN needs to use 2015 Telecom Business Categories, ICP/IP address, verified domain information and connect with the government data base to go through strict monitoring process by the MIIT. According to MIIT’s release on IPv6 internet deployment action plan, by 2018, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent and Kingsoft Cloud will complete the migration of IPv6.

Marketsand Markets reported that by 2019, the whole world’s CDN market value will reach to 121 billion USD, and over 50% of internet traffic will be accelerated by CDN. In China, with the growth of mobile live streaming and short videos, CDN is facing an even bigger market growth and will keep growing at an exponential rate. 

Being one of the top CDN providers, Kingsoft Cloud will play a major role in this industry by providing clients with a full solution in cloud computing, storage and content delivery. This is why Kingsoft Cloud is constantly rated in China as one of the top in the CDN industry. Kingsoft Cloud’s CDN can assure fast delivery, stable delivery and handles a huge daily network capacity. Requests are over100 billion and it helps over 5 billion customers today and growing.

Since beginning of 2018 the growth of internet bandwidth jumped and also AI and its related application on videos, all these things related to VOD including infrastructure cloud, big data, cloud security, content distribution and value added services are growing fast. CDN industry now has more capabilities, more functions and can offer products at lower cost, heading into a CDN-3.0 generation. Kingsoft Cloud will provide a more well-rounded solutions to customers through AI, HCDN, bi-directional acceleration and also big data in the near future.

Earlier this year Kingsoft Cloud rolled out HCDN (High resolution CDN) – a CDN3.0 generation product, this is to give video providers a full solution on their delivery mechanism. HCDN is based on KSC265 encoding software, and Kingsoft HEVC Encoder is fully compatible with H.265 standard. KS HEVC is a technology driven processing and distributing high resolution videos. HCDN, it not only improves videos with their resolution, supporting 4K-8K super resolution, but also effectively lowers 30-50% bandwidth cost. So far HCDN can support many scenarios including outdoor live streaming, fashion live streaming, live    gaming streaming, short videos, long videos, VR live or on demand and OTT.

On the AI side, Kingsoft Cloud is using “King Eye” to effectively distinguish the content in videos and bring efficiency and lower costs to its customers. Through deep learning “Blue eye” can improve all graphics, pictures and video resolution. With the combination of video content and AI calculations, CDN can be even more intelligent when it comes to security and content distribution.

In the intelligent CDN 3.0 generation, only through bi-directional acceleration combining QUIC+CDN then can we solve fundamental problems with transfer on the internet network. Especially lowering latency, packet loss, shorten first byte, opening time on videos, stuttering and improving the overall user experience.

In terms of big data, through the integration of big data analysis and processing capabilities, the intelligent scheduling of CDN services is realized, and optimal node coverage is maximized to help customers with the accelerated tuning of different types of services.

Kingsoft Cloud continues to grow and develop new technology in 2018. We are actively growing our CDN business in China, Kingsoft Cloud has now also established a global office in North America, empowering overseas clients who want to deliver their content into China.