Kingsoft Cloud Helps Beijing Build China’s Biggest Government Cloud and Become a Role Model of “Smart Cities”

In the Announcement of Results of the 2018 Procurement Project over City-level Government Clouds (Cloud Service Providers) recently issued by Beijing Government Procurement Center, Kingsoft Cloud won the bidding and was short-listed into the procurement list of Beijing’s city-level Government Cloud for the future three years, gaining the qualification for providing Beijing’s city-level Government Cloud services. This winning of Kingsoft Cloud is the result of the accumulation of experience from providing services for Beijing’s Government Cloud for the past three years and a manifestation of being continuously recognized by the government customers as well, so to speak.


In 2015, Kingsoft Cloud won the bidding for the procurement project over Beijing’s city-level Government Cloud, becoming one of the first service providers for Beijing’s Government Cloud. In the past three years, Beijing’s Government Cloud has smoothed the communication further through the convergence, interconnection and sharing of government service information, and has been a leader in China in the establishment and application of Government Clouds. After this winning of the bidding, Kingsoft Cloud will go further based on previous achievements to build a new “Smart Beijing” for government customers and set up a role model of Government Cloud and “Smart Cities” nationally.

Building China’s Biggest Government Cloud, for Better People’s Well-being Services

As an important city and a pioneer of the application of informatization, Beijing is accelerating the construction of E-Governments and even “Smart Cities”. Compared to other cities and provinces of China, Beijing, as the capital of the country, has the most business and information systems and the most complex network and system architecture. Beijing has now become one of the biggest Government Clouds in China with its prominent achievements, setting an excellent example for the building of Government Clouds in other cities and provinces of China.


As one of the first service providers for Beijing’s Government Cloud, Kingsoft Cloud is subordinated to Kingsoft Group, a representative of national software enterprises, and possesses all independent intellectual property rights of Cloud service products, gaining recognition from government customers in qualifications, techniques, security, operations and maintenance. After the winning of the bidding in 2015, Kingsoft Cloud has helped customers strengthen their capacity for information services in the field of people’s well-being, and meanwhile provided security assurance for significant activities. So far, Kingsoft Cloud has served a total of 42 commissions, offices and bureaus in Beijing, providing over 200 information systems and more than 2000 virtual machines.


For example, Kingsoft Cloud has provided services for the people’s well-being apps of Beijing’s multiple commissions, offices and bureaus. Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has built the online purchasing system of shared-ownership properties under the support of Government Cloud Platforms of Kingsoft Cloud. Kingsoft Cloud has achieved the uniform management of data, the efficient delivery of information and scale services for the public, ensuring the information and data security at the same time.


Kingsoft Cloud has provided Cloud services for the “Beijing Traffic Police” app of Beijing Traffic Management Bureau. Citizens are able to deal with traffic accidents, inquiry about traffic violations, pay for traffic violations, etc. with the help of the app, which has further improved the city’s traffic management services.


Moreover, Kingsoft Cloud has provided Cloud support for a catering app of Beijing Food and Drug Administration, covering the canteens of schools, nurseries, nursing homes and catering enterprises. Through the app, Citizens can have a look at the public kitchens of all central kitchens and collective food delivery units in Beijing.


Besides, Kingsoft Cloud has provided security assurance for multiple significant activities of Beijing. On April 17 of this year’s Beijing International Film Festival, the number of visits to the official website has experienced several peaks. The traffic volume reached 289GB throughout the day, up 95% from the same period of last year. The number of visitors throughout the day was 1.54 million, an increase of 31% over the same period of last year. Kingsoft Cloud successfully guaranteed the user access experience via the smooth running of the film festival website system.


During the period of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in 2017, Kingsoft Cloud effectively prevented the lawbreakers from attacking the Beijing government website and dealt with the incident immediately. During the National Day in 2017, Kingsoft Cloud found out that some lawbreakers were attacking the website of Beijing Municipal Party Committee Organization Department through DDoS attack and quickly helped the customer solve the problem.

A Complete System: from IaaS to SaaS, to Energize the Government Affair System

After this time’s winning of the bidding for being the service provider for the Beijing Government Cloud, based on the accumulation of experience and the enhancement of service abilities in the past three years, Kingsoft Cloud will provide more abundant services for government customers and come up with more comprehensive solutions for Government Clouds.


On the infrastructure (IaaS) level, Kingsoft Cloud will help customers realize automatic operations and maintenance on computing, storing and Internet resources and better manage the physical devices in IT rooms. On the platform (PaaS) level, Kingsoft Cloud will build a data service platform for customers, enabling them to visit and employ data resources by using various intelligent terminals anytime, anywhere.


On the software application (SaaS) level, Kingsoft Cloud provides Desktop Cloud Solutions for customers, making it convenient for them to conduct uniform management and helping them to avoid problems like data loss due to the switch of operating systems, data migration, being attacked, etc. Meanwhile, in the field of offices, Kingsoft Cloud has achieved all-round and deep cooperation with Kingsoft WPS. Therefore, Kingsoft Cloud will provide Cloud-based “WPS+” for customers, realizing cloud and cooperative offices and launching office innovations with cutting-edge technologies. In addition, Kingsoft Cloud has provided enterprise instant messaging software and video meeting solutions for customers to make internal communication more conveniently.

Generalizing the Success of Beijing, to the Whole Nation

According to Beijing Government’s plan of migrating to the Tongzhou District in Beijing, Kingsoft Cloud, as a core service provider, will undertake the important task of helping customers transfer data to the Cloud. Kingsoft Cloud will assist in transferring all business systems to the Beijing Government Cloud, provide services of Cloud security, operations and maintenance, disaster recovery and backup, and weed out the old systems, forming an e-government development pattern.


In the future, Kingsoft Cloud and Xiaomi Corporation, both of which were created by Lei Jun, will join together in the construction of the new “Smart Beijing”. The combination of Kingsoft Cloud’s Cloud platforms and Xiaomi’s mobile terminals, intelligent hardware and IoT platforms will assist government customers in upgrading the Internet infrastructure, conducting wisdom management on cities and rendering public services more convenient and people’s well-being services wiser. In this way, government customers can continuously reinforce the creativity and competitiveness of the capital, set up the integration and innovation ecology and help Beijing become an Internet Innovation Center, an Informatization and Industrialization Integration and Innovation Center, a Big Data Comprehensive Test Site and a Smart Cities Construction Demonstration Site.


For Kingsoft Cloud, this winning of the bidding means another critical step forward in the field of Smart Government and Smart Cities. Kingsoft Cloud will generalize the advanced experience of Beijing Government Cloud to the whole nation. As the technical capacities of Kingsoft Cloud grow, we will have a broader prospect of cooperating with customers in traditional industries. Kingsoft Cloud hopes to assist customers in grabbing the opportunities and trends of technological development and industrial innovation and to establish more cases that have referential significance in a diversity of industries.