Kingsoft Cloud is Combining AI+Blockchain – a dual approach that elevates technology to a new level

Have you ever thought of what impacts cloud computing, AI and blockchain will have on our world if they are ever combined together? On August 15th, Kingsoft Cloud joint efforts with BOTTOS team to create an AI focused solution to help BOTTOS developers.


BOTTOS is a blockchain based solution and is also the infrastructure for AI. It contains the fundamental public link for reliable data and also serves as a platform for data transit in AI and all its derivative products. BOTTOS also is a one stop shop application platform through combining data mining and AI, which makes it a multi-layer sharing service platform including data, model, calculation and storage. 


The development and application of blockchain are based on cloud computing’s baseline technology. Kingsoft Cloud has been active on embracing blockchain technology, Kingsoft Cloud was one of the first to release a blockchain ecosystem based action plan called “Project X”, and continues to plan ahead on blockchain based games. The impact that AI and blockchain can create is huge. In this new ecosystem, these two things are complementary to each other and can help solves problems in areas such as data storage, sharing mechanism, platform compatibility and security. AI algorithm makes blockchain even more intelligent. At the same time, encrypted algorithm and blockchain technology can help solve the security and trust issue from AI platforms.


“Blockchain is going through development in its initial application stage now, and all the economy system and incentive system can help the growth of AI with big data as its technology baseline. At the same time this can help protect privacy and makes AI more trustworthy.  AI and blockchain will definitely bring huge impact in the next few years,” said Zhu Jiang, VP of sales on blockchain in Kingsoft Cloud.


AI is a revolutionary product that’s already ahead of blockchain and being used in different industries to help enterprises grow faster and more efficiently. Kingsoft Cloud has been creating AI cloud ecosystem through deep integration and application with different sectors, providing a wholesome AI solution for all kinds of customers. Kingsoft Cloud’s KAP (Kingsoft AI Propeller) covers four areas including IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and industry solutions. This makes AI in a more tangible format and customers can apply them quicker into their applications.

On the IaaS side, Kingsoft GPU cloud effectively helps enterprise AI business achieve high computing power based on GPU heterogenous computing. Kingsoft Cloud’s Tesla V100 can help increase business training and research efficiency three times faster comparing to before, helping enterprises to always be competitive in their industry. On the PaaS side, Kingsoft Cloud’s deep learning platform KDL is the first AI cloud based PaaS cloud platform. It provides customers the abilities to develop, evaluate, train and forecast, helping them adapt faster to AI. KBrain is the SaaS layer product, it helps clients with needs in both image recognition and voice recognition. Nowadays KBrian is working in conjunction with Kingsoft Cloud object storage and have been applied to facial recognition, categorize settings and intelligent search function.


The key partnership with BOTTOS will maximize all the incentives and capabilities in AI solutions and provide multiple solutions for customers with different needs. Data are no longer isolated and can be connected through blockchain based applications with great technology support. Together, BOTTOS and AI will lead finance, city planning, medical and manufacturing into a more intelligent and robust era.