Kingsoft Cloud’s Three Powerful Weapons Accelerate Expansion of Auto Enterprise Intelligent Network

The automotive industry, which has experienced the mechanical age and the electronic age, is now accelerating towards the intelligent age. With the deep integration of information technology and the manufacturing industry, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence have brought new challenges and opportunities to the automotive industry, speeding up the development of the automotive industry in the direction of interconnection and intelligence.


Then, how do automobile enterprises utilize new technologies such as the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, etc. to better realize business innovation and create more value? Traditional auto enterprises are eager to get the answer. Paragraphs below will show you Kingsoft Cloud's practices and thinking in the automotive industry.


Hybrid Cloud Architecture Helps Put IoV Applications into Operation

With the rapid development of technologies like IoT and the driving of policies and markets in recent years, people are getting excited and optimistic about the prospects of the IoV industry. It has become a significant appeal for traditional auto enterprises to go deep into the field of IoV. The Kingsoft Cloud IoV solution is aimed at assisting the automotive industry's IoV applications in migrating to the cloud, achieving a highly-efficient connection among vehicles, vehicle owners and auto enterprises. Not only does it satisfy the compliance requirements of the informatization of auto enterprises and make good use of the existing IT infrastructure, but it also takes full advantage of Kingsoft Cloud's strengths in terms of availability and flexibility.


The Kingsoft Cloud IoV solution provides customers with a complete hybrid cloud architecture, smooth migration and multi-cloud management. It provides services ranging from architecture analysis of IoV status quo, the consultation about cloud migration, hybrid architecture designing, smooth migration, IoV cloud architecture optimization, artificial intelligence, IoT, etc. The solution can form a net among the carriers’ IoT center, auto enterprises’ core platforms, dealers’ platforms and vehicle owners through dedicated lines, VPNs, etc. By doing this, it connects the local and the cloud environment and thus helps customers save costs and improve their ability to request resources. With the help of cloud databases and big-data analysis platforms, customers will have the ability to analyze data and realize one-stop data analysis.


Here are two examples of the application of the Kingsoft Cloud IoV solution. These two auto enterprises have adopted different modes of service: For the first auto enterprise, Kingsoft Cloud established a multi-cloud access data hub for it, reducing access costs of the customer and the complexity of the topology. At the same time, Kingsoft Cloud also provided multi-datacenter and cross-regional business redundant architecture, greatly improving service quality and protecting the existing investment of the customer; for the other auto enterprise, Kingsoft Cloud provided the PaaS service to reduce customer's various management costs, assisted the customer in building big-data platforms quickly and improving service quality, helped implement customer’s unique equipment in cloud computer rooms, and conducted disparate data transmitting synchronization to make the customer embrace cloud services in all aspects.

Extend IoT to the Automotive Industry

Founded by Lei Jun who also set up Kingsoft Cloud, Xiaomi has established an ecosystem comprised of more than 210 companies through investment and management. Xiaomi has thus built the world's largest intelligent hardware IoT platform with over 100 million devices connected. At present, Xiaomi and Kingsoft Cloud are joining forces to extend IoT to the automotive industry.


The AI & IoT plan developed by Kingsoft Cloud and Xiaomi can provide integrated services of MIoT (the Xiaomi Internet of Things) and AI for auto enterprises. Combined with the hundreds of millions of devices of Xiaomi’s MIoT, it can ensure the interconnection between automobiles and smart household appliances reaches a leading level around the world. “Kingsoft Cloud will help establish a brand new ecosystem for auto enterprises,” said Weiqi Cao.


Vehicle owners can connect the existing account system of vehicle manufacturers with the Xiaomi APP on the mobile phone. With Kingsoft Cloud and Xiaomi platforms and the AI voice assistant Xiao Ai, vehicle owners not only can remotely control household appliance such as air conditioners, intelligent lights, sweeping robots, etc. with their voice, but can also enjoy a diversity of Internet services. Through connecting the in-vehicle system and Kingsoft Cloud and Xiaomi smart home platforms, we can realize the interaction between vehicles and Xiaomi smart household appliances and the control over houses from vehicles as well as the control over vehicles from home.


“Now we are in cooperation with a number of content providers, covering news, music, radios travelling and other content services.” For example, when vehicle owners needs to check the driving records, they will first send a command with their voice, then the in-vehicle system will retrieve the driving videos and Xiao Ai will tell the vehicle owners to download the videos for watching. “The AI & IoT plan can automatically switch among different services according to different voice interaction scenarios,” said the director of Kingsoft Cloud IoV.

Big Data Empowers Enterprise to Achieve Value Transformation

With big data analysis, auto enterprises can enhance efficiency and cut down costs in all links from manufacturing to after-sales service. For instance, during the process of automobile manufacturing, auto enterprises can carry out flaw detection and quality intelligent detection more accurately, reduce business costs and labor costs and produce higher-quality vehicles.


During the sales process, auto enterprises can provide more personalized services for vehicle owners using user profile and behavior analysis in order to meet different needs of users. In the after-sales phase, the information of various parts of vehicles, battery voltages, etc. will turn into data, which will be analyzed by auto enterprises and vehicle owners to make more accurate judgment and ensure the safety of vehicle owners when driving.


The promising market, favorable policy environment and the pursuit of the capital market have provided new opportunities for the development of the automotive industry. Kingsoft Cloud hopes to provide real assistance to customers from the automotive industry, so that customers can grasp good chances and make full use of every advantageous condition in a reasonable way, and to bring a brighter future for China’s automotive industry.