Kingsoft Cloud KSC265 Wins the World Video Encoder Competition Again

In the World Video Encoder Competition hosted by Moscow State University on September 5, Kingsoft HEVC Encoder (hereinafter referred to as KSC265), the Kingsoft Video Cloud H.265 encoding software, ranked top in terms of multiple key indicators of video encoding. More importantly, KSC265 won the first place in terms of the video signal Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio (PSNR), the most valued indicator in the video coding academic circle. This is the second time after Kingsoft Video Cloud KSC265 won the first prize in this competition in 2016, which fully demonstrates Kingsoft Video Cloud’s abundant technological accumulation and a leading position in the industry.


The World Video Encoder Competition is the most authoritative and influential top event in the industry, and is famous for its scientific selection to videos, rigorous testing methods and fair & open test reports. Both open-source encoders X264 and X265 have established their positions in the industry through this competition. Participants to this year’s competition include well-known enterprises such as Google, Intel, Kingsoft Cloud, Huawei, and Tencent. Enterprises competed against each other in the "arena" of video coding, and the competition was fiercer than previous years.


Again,Kingsoft Cloud has achieved great success this time. As early as in August 2016, Kingsoft Cloud KSC265 ranked first in terms of software encoders in the competition. Then in December of the same year, Kingsoft Cloud came first again in the 4K encoding contest. In this year's competition, Kingsoft Video Cloud not only got the first place in terms of the classic indicator, video signal Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio (PSNR), but also performed excellently in Video Multi-method Assessment Fusion (VMAF) and the structural similarity (SSIM) of video signals, which embodied the fact that Kingsoft Cloud's video encoding technology has continued to be internationally acknowledged.


Kingsoft Cloud Wins the First Prize in Video Signal Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio (PSNR)

Kingsoft Video Cloud KSC265 has been leading the industry all the time. Apart from winning the international award, Kingsoft Cloud took the lead by realizing the implementation of KSC265 in multiple application scenarios such as PC live broadcasts, mobile live broadcasts, short videos, etc. It is particularly worth mentioning that Kingsoft Cloud is the only cloud service provider in the industry who supports H.265 PC browser decoding plan and mobile real-time encoding plan. By adopting Kingsoft Cloud's H5-based KSC265 decoding plan, which can be applied to mainstream PC browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Apple Safari, etc., we can reduce bandwidth costs by 30%-50% and produce high-definition video images, assisting customers in improving their position and competitive abilities in the industry. This is of great significance for the video industry.


With its creativity and a rich accumulation of experience in the video industry, Kingsoft Cloud has gained outstanding achievements in the field of video service and has become a recognized cloud computing service leader in the video industry. Kingsoft Video Cloud provides a diversity of plans including PC live broadcasts, mobile live broadcasts, smart device live broadcasts, live VR, short/long video on demand, VR on demand and OTT with its scenarios covering more than 20 vertical industries. It also has rich business experience and can provide live and on-demand video service with high video quality and high concurrency. Kingsoft Cloud has provided safeguards for the live broadcasting of every year's major events and sports games, satisfying the needs of a large number of users to view the games. At the moment, 90% of the head apps in the domestic video industry are Kingsoft Cloud’s customers.


Kingsoft Cloud is a member of the international authoritative organization Alliance for Open Media (AOM for short). It will cooperate with other AOM members such as Apple, Amazon, Google, etc. to help upgrade the global media technology standards. In addition, Kingsoft Cloud is also a member of the Digital Audio Video Coding Standard Work Group (AVS Work Group), an authoritative organization in the field of digital audio and video in China, and will participate in the development of a new generation of coding standards. This time, winning the World Video Encoder Competition will further promote the hard work of Kingsoft Cloud's in the video industry to provide high-quality service and boost the development of the industry.