Kingsoft Cloud Introduces Its Third-Generation Cloud Server Covering Computing Power Needs of Various Enterprises

Recently, Kingsoft Cloud has officially launched the third-generation cloud server based on the brand new Intel Xeon Skylake Xeon® processor. The overall performance is 40% higher than the previous generation with the highest TB (turbo boost) reaching 4.2 GHz and the maximum network packet transmission capacity hitting 2 million PPS (packet per second), providing users a faster computing service with the more stable network and efficient storage.


For different usage scenarios, Kingsoft Cloud's third-generation cloud server offers a diversity of instance types including Compute Optimization C3, IO Optimization I3, General Purpose N3, standard S3, etc., which are intended for scenarios of business with high computing needs, high IO needs, general applications, etc. respectively. And the product property of “delivery within seconds” will better meet the needs of enterprises for different computing capabilities.

Building Stronger Computing Power with Innovative Optimization Technology

Kingsoft Cloud's third-generation cloud server adopts the Intel Xeon Skylake Xeon® processor, whose advantages include higher computing performance, larger memory bandwidth, stronger storage IO performance, lower network latency, etc. compared to the previous generation. Based on the innovative computing optimization technology, its overall performance has increased by 40% and its highest TB has reached 4.2 GHz, setting a new record on computing power in the industry.


For business scenarios with high computing needs, Kingsoft Cloud has rolled out the latest Compute Optimization C3 instance, which adopts the 3.2 GHz Intel Xeon® Gold 6146 processor and whose maximum TB is as high as 4.2 GHz. It is suitable for scenarios that require a high computing performance and high concurrent reading and writing such as MMOGPG, MOBA game front ends, high-load webs, etc.


For scenarios of storage business, Kingsoft Cloud has introduced the IO Optimization I3 instance that adopts the 2.7 GHz Intel Xeon® Platinum 8168 processor. With high disk IO loads and a high requirement for disk reading and writing and latency, the I3 instance provides low latency random I/O operation of tens of thousands per second (IOPS), greatly improving network performance, reducing network jitter and latency. It is suitable for scenarios that require high disk IO loads, low latency and high throughput such as high-load databases.


For scenarios of regular business, the General Purpose N3 instance and the standard S3 instance are launched respectively, offering balanced computing, memory and network resources. They are suitable for enterprise-level applications of most types and scales as well as small and medium-sized databases and the like.

All-around Optimization in Three Dimensions to Bring a Dramatic Increase in Performance Ceiling

The new-generation cloud server is fully optimized in the three dimensions of computing, network and storage to help users enhance the computing power of the overall system, strengthen network stability and reduce latency.


In terms of computing, the property of multi-queue concurrent processing can effectively improve the concurrent processing capability, and conduct parallel acceptance and processing on batch-connected messages, tremendously enhancing the packet processing capability of virtual machines. As test data suggests, the minimum configuration can already support 100 thousand PPS. For some users that have high requirements, they can choose the corresponding processor and memory configuration according to the packet processing capability to achieve a flexible upgrade.


Regarding network, the new cloud server adopts the second-generation distributed virtual network solely developed by Kingsoft Cloud, which can immensely increase the network performance limit of instances up to 2 million PPS, 500% higher than the previous generation. And the maximum throughput of internal network has hit 16 Gps, a 500% increase compared to the previous generation.


In respect of memory, Kingsoft Cloud’s third-generation cloud server is equipped with six-channel DDR4 memory, each of which has bandwidth of as high as 2666 MT/s, greatly leveraging the memory advantage. It is estimated that the memory performance of the third-generation server can be increased by up to 45% compared with the previous generation.


The person in charge of Kingsoft Cloud commented about the launch of the third-generation cloud server that with the arrival of the Internet of Everything in all respects, the commercialization of 5G has been poised for growth. And the scale of data has showed a massive upsurge, asking for a higher requirement toward enterprises in computing, storage, network, etc. Kingsoft Cloud's third-generation cloud server is committed to providing users with secure, reliable, simple and efficient flexible computing services, enabling enterprises to acquire computing power more efficiently and conveniently, improve operation and maintenance efficiency, reduce IT costs, and thus to be more focused on core business innovation.