Q3 revenue of Kingsoft Cloud exceeded 600 million; enterprise market breakthrough drove a growth boom

In November 12th, the third quarter results of Kingsoft were released, which showed that its revenue reached 1.5377 billion yuan. Kingsoft Cloud revenue reached 603.3 million yuan, an increase of 68% over the same period last year and 29% over the second quarter of this year, and accounted for the proportion of Kingsoft revenue continued to rise to 39%. Video and Internet services, as its advantages, have maintained strong growth. At the same time, the enterprise market has achieved a great breakthrough. Services have been fully covered and landed in government, finance, medical treatment, manufacturing, car networking, IoT and other fields, driving a growth boom of Kingsoft Cloud 's performance.

At the end of last year, Kingsoft Cloud announced that it would enter the enterprise market in an all-round way. Since then, it has invested superior resources, penetrated into customer business scenarios, and integrated large data, AI, block chains and IoT capabilities to carry out technological innovation and business layout based on cloud, so as to promote enterprise to complete digital transformation and upgrading. Wang Yulin, CEO of Kingsoft Cloud, believes that with the end of the demographic consumption dividend, the focus of cloud computing applications has rapidly shifted from the Internet market to the enterprise market. Laying out enterprise market in advance and the rich experience of serving Internet enterprises have provided a strong impetus for Kingsoft Cloud to continue to lead the industry.

Scenario solution: the trump card of enterprise market breakthrough

In this quarter, Kingsoft Cloud further studied the application scenarios of enterprise market, focusing on the introduction of solutions covering IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, which include all scenarios and industries. And it successfully realized the landing of dozens of key projects in government, finance, industrial manufacturing and other industries.

In government affairs, Kingsoft Cloud once again won the bid for the third phase of Beijing E-Government Cloud Project, the largest government cloud in the country, to continuously guarantee the efficient operation of Beijing E-Government Cloud; and to build an "online" government services integration platform with the People's Network to provide all-cloud services to ensure smooth operation. On the financial side, Kingsoft Cloud cooperated with Huatai Securities and PKU Founder Life, in order to build a large data management platform for Huatai Securities and achieve safe and effective management of financial data sets.

In industrial manufacturing, Kingsoft Cloud has innovatively introduced the mode of technology empowerment to whole industry. Kingsoft Cloud and Anshan Iron and Steel Co. released the Industrial Cloud Platform "Jinggang Cloud", which is based on "Cloud+Big Data+Artificial Intelligence". While helping Anshan Iron and Steel Co. realize digitalization and intellectualization, the platform will export the best practices to the industry on a large scale in the form of cloud, and promote the digitalization transformation of more upstream and downstream enterprises.

Lead the enterprise market due to its Internet gene

Kingsoft Cloud, which remains the leading Internet industry in video and games, continues to be recognized by customers through rapid technological iterations and high-quality services. In this quarter, through the innovation of KSC265 mobile coding and decoding, it has achieved full-link and full-terminal coverage, better meet the customer's one-stop and high-efficiency service requirements. It won the bid of CCTV International Overseas Transmission Coverage Project in 2018 and successfully ensured the live broadcast of the world cup for CNTV, future TV, etc.

The innate advantages of using new technology to innovate quickly shaped from its experience to rapid and flexible arrangement, which accumulated in long-term Internet services, and mature technology verified on a large scale. In this quarter, Kingsoft Cloud realized the landing of Xiantao Intelligent Medical Project, which greatly shortened the landing cycle of AI in the medical scene. At the same time, Kingsoft Cloud have reached strategic cooperation with Cloudwalk to jointly build enterprise AI face recognition cloud platform and AI hybrid cloud demonstration project, building national AI basic resources public service platform. Kingsoft Cloud also launched the industry's first block chain cloud, which can be widely used in games, finance, medical and other fields.

In business model, adhering to the open gene of the Internet, Kingsoft Cloud will open up a wide range of enterprise customer resources and technologies, and build an ecological circle with upstream and downstream partners. Xiaomi and Kingsoft Cloud jointly build 1KM edge computing of "cloud + billion terminal", and further launch the MI APM Platform for large network. The AI&IoT scheme jointly launched by the two companies provides MIoT (Xiaomi Internet of Things) and AI integrated services for Great Wall Automobile.

Wang Yulin believes that the current cloud computing application in the enterprise market is a rock star. Enterprise-level market application scenarios are complex and highly customized. Natural Internet genes help Kingsoft Cloud to apply new technologies and innovate business models faster, providing customers with complete solutions. At the same time, Kingsoft Cloud builds a complete ecology with Internet thinking, releases value continuously, and achieves the sustainable lead in enterprise market.