Big News:Kingsoft Hybrid Cloud Solution 2.0 is published

In recent years, the tide of digitization has been rolling in. Enterprises are moving from traditional IT infrastructure to cloud computing solutions at an unprecedented speed. Computing, storage, communication and security are no longer independent technologies, but become the hub of the comprehensive integration of cyberspace at the cloud level. By integrating data centers and cloud computing resources, it mixes commercial data centers, customer data centers with public clouds, private clouds and IT infrastructure to meet the IT needs of enterprises in the new era, which has become the trend of the times.

Since the first hybrid cloud solution was introduced in the industry in 2015, Kingsoft Cloud has experienced several major iterations in 2016 and 2017 by continuously optimizing its own technology, products, services and supply chain capabilities. In recent days, Kingsoft Hybrid Cloud Solution 2.0 has been published. It has been greatly upgraded in business scenario coverage, network interconnection and multi-platform management to fully meet cloud service needs of customers in the fields of government, finance, health care, manufacturing, car networking, education, tourism, e-commerce, energy, media, video and games.


Schematic Diagram of Kingsoft Hybrid Cloud Solution 2.0 Architecture

The new solution focuses on the needs of cloud service in enterprise market

According to IDC, hybrid cloud will account for 67% of the total cloud market in the future, and Gartner expects 90% of organizations will use hybrid cloud management infrastructure by 2020. In practical applications, hybrid cloud, as an integrated solution for multi-service scenarios, which integrates the security and high performance of private cloud, the flexibility and high elasticity of public cloud and the convenience and high efficiency of cloud data center, has been unanimously recognized by all parties, and more and more large and medium-sized enterprises have begun to adopt hybrid cloud deployment.

For different construction stages of different customer groups, Kingsoft Hybrid Cloud Solution 2.0 provides an integrated solution including data center exclusive space deployment, public cloud deployment, private cloud deployment, public cloud privatization deployment and other collaborative deployment. Through the management capability support of different levels of cloud data center management and multi-cloud management, it helps customers realize the overall optimization and capability enhancement of IT management in terms of cost, flexibility and availability.

According to the business characteristics and needs of industry customers, combined with Kingsoft Cloud 's best practices and practical project experience, it provides deep-seated solutions for different scenarios across the whole life cycle service line from development, testing, quasi-production to production, and integrates the ultimate customer experience of continuous integration and delivery. In terms of cost, safety and efficiency, it can fully meet cloud service needs in the enterprise market.

Comprehensive upgrading to build the strongest hybrid cloud solution in the industry

For many large and medium-sized enterprises, due to security, compatibility, business compliance and other factors, they cannot always use the public cloud to carry, so they often choose the local data center or private cloud + public cloud hybrid networking mode. The complicated and changeable business scenario puts forward high requirements for IT control capability of enterprises.

Kingsoft Hybrid Cloud Solution 2.0 is dedicated to helping enterprises achieve efficient one-stop operation and maintenance management and application delivery. The management system covers hybrid cloud management (data center exclusive space, public cloud, private cloud, etc.), automated operation and maintenance, unified monitoring and alarm, self-service management, blueprint design and IT resource life-cycle management, etc. It delivers hybrid cloud infrastructure resources to customers in the form of cloud service. From the bottom of IT to business applications, it all-round helps enterprises easily realize the end-to-end hybrid networking of local data center, Kingsoft Cloud data center and Kingsoft Cloud public cloud, thus helping customers accelerate the use of cloud service.

In view of the actual needs of multiple deployment of customers, Kingsoft Hybrid Cloud Solution 2.0 provides a set of interconnection solutions for customers. Customers can access Kingsoft Cloud's public cloud area and data center exclusive space nearby, which is encrypted. Through the active-standby mode of equipment level and link level, the high reliable cloud service of multi-node offline can be realized. On the basis of large cloud computing data centers, edge computing nodes and high-quality network infrastructure of Kingsoft Cloud at home and abroad, the high-speed path between Kingsoft Cloud data center and public cloud, local data center of customers is realized, and a safer, more stable and more efficient cloud service is obtained.

For the release of Kingsoft Hybrid Cloud Solution 2.0, Qian Yifeng, Kingsoft Cloud partner and general manager of hybrid cloud products center, said that security, flexible scheduling and reducing infrastructure investment are the most important reasons for enterprises to choose hybrid cloud. It can help customers flexibly build a hybrid cloud architecture including data center exclusive space, public cloud, private cloud, IT infrastructure, and achieve efficient collaboration of hybrid architecture. While greatly reducing IT costs, it reconstructs enterprise IT architecture in an all-round way, prepares for the new pattern of technology application brought by 5G and IPv6, and jointly welcome the new era of transformation and upgrading of large IT industry with customers.