Kingsoft Cloud Released the Galaxy Platform, Leading the Age of Privatized Deployment of Public Cloud

On November 22, the 2018 Global Internet Technology Conference (GITC) opened in Beijing. On behalf of the front runner of Internet technology development, the conference invited more than 100 big names from all over the world to give speeches and discuss the future technology development trend in depth. Liu Tao, Kingsoft Cloud’s partner and general manager of Cloud Computing Products Center, was invited and delivered a speech entitled "The Advanced Way of Kingsoft Cloud Galaxy Platform (KCGP)" at the "Infrastructure Session".

In his speech, Liu Tao said that helping enterprises improve their IT capabilities to better support business development has become the next strategic focus of cloud providers, as cloud computing has entered the enterprise market from the consumption Internet in an all-round way. However, the enterprise market often has strict data sovereignty, regulatory compliance and other requirements, a single public cloud cannot fully meet the demand. Kingsoft Cloud's full stack of proprietary cloud of the Galaxy Platform is equivalent to allowing customers to deploy a public cloud system in their own backyard, so that they can have the same experience as public cloud services in the interior, while improving business compliance and other issues.

Public Cloud Capability Output, Local Privatized Deployment

For many government agencies and large or medium-sized enterprises, it is difficult to embrace the public cloud in an all-round way, due to information compliance and their own business characteristics, so they prefer to privatized cloud services. However, the limitations of traditional private cloud are becoming more and more obvious, whether from the scale of management nodes, the richness of application services, the construction of operation platforms, the output of industry cloud capabilities, etc. The proprietary cloud, which combines the advantages of private cloud and public cloud, has become the direction of enterprise market development recognized by the industry.

"Kingsoft Cloud started its research and Exploration on proprietary cloud very early. Although our KCGP is officially unveiled today, we have iterated several large versions internally, and now we have reached V2.1," Liu Tao said. "As a system solution that realizes the output of public cloud capability and local privatized deployment, the Galaxy Platform can help customers build an end-to-end enterprise cloud platform in their own data center, so that customers can quickly acquire the same IT capabilities as Kingsoft public cloud. It not only enjoys elastic scalability and low cost brought by cloud computing, but also realizes the requirements of data sovereignty and regulatory compliance.

Facing different types of customer requirements, Kingsoft Cloud Galaxy Platform provides three major versions: standard version, enterprise version and enterprise enhanced version, to meet the needs of multi-scenario business and different scale deployment. Taking enterprise enhanced version as an example, it provides multi-AZ, disaster recovery and other functions, which are suitable for the three-center structure of two places. It packages and optimizes the capabilities of big data, artificial intelligence and other technology platforms, and can fully meet the requirements of group enterprises for information security grade protection, data security, business continuity and so on.


Five Core Competencies to Build the Strongest Full Stack Proprietary Cloud

Kingsoft Cloud lays out private cloud after the maturity of public cloud. It is different from the development path of traditional IT equipment manufacturers, which is from private cloud to public cloud. It is based on the ability of public clouds that withstand the test of very large-scale business scenarios, which seems to follow a rational line. Kingsoft Cloud Galaxy Platform has five core competencies: public cloud scale deployment, mature and reliable solution, user autonomy and controllability, comprehensive support of cutting-edge technology, and overall output of industry experience. As a systematic solution to help enterprises to privatize deployment, it is committed to building the strongest full-stack proprietary cloud services.

In terms of business scale, it supports 100,000 + physical node deployment, million-level tenant management and a hundred million-level user service capabilities, which strongly supports users' massive business operations; in terms of project maturity, it upholds enterprise-level service experience of many years to achieve mature public cloud technology output of scale verification; in terms of autonomous control, it realizes customer autonomous brand, autonomous operation, autonomous operation and maintenance; in terms of frontier technology support, it combines artificial intelligence, big data and other frontier technology to help enterprises optimize the whole process; in terms of industry experience, it empowers users through the output of the whole stack operation capability.

Compared with traditional private cloud, one of the characteristics of proprietary cloud is the output of operational capability. As Liu Tao mentioned, "Kingsoft Cloud Galaxy Platform and Kingsoft Public Cloud are based on homologous technology. The platform has all the operation functions of Kingsoft Public Cloud. In the unified operation system, it enables customers to have the management capability of operating cloud platform, which mainly includes user authentication, account authority, set-up of packages, orders, billing and other management functions. It supports the internal settlement and external export of IT services between different subordinate companies of customers, as well as the needs of building industry cloud. Through the unified management of proprietary cloud and Kingsoft public cloud resources on the platform, customers will have a consistent experience. In the construction of customer operation capability, we provide customers with a sound service plan, from pre-consulting planning to project implementation, from training to operation and maintenance and other end-to-end services, to help customers build proprietary cloud and achieve efficient operation.

At present, KCGP has achieved a comprehensive landing in government, finance, industrial manufacturing, media and other fields. In the financial field, through the platform, XWBank has quickly acquired the same flexibility and expansion capabilities as the public cloud, greatly shortened the time of system setup, and has realized the agile deployment of business. In the industrial field, Kingsoft Cloud and Anshan Steel have jointly build the industry cloud platform called "JingGang Cloud", which has realized the output of cloud capabilities in the same industry, and has enabled enterprises to leap from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing". Cloudwalk has acquired the trinity of "cloud + big data + AI" rapidly through the deployment of the platform, accelerating the speed of business innovation.

According to the plan, Kingsoft Cloud Galaxy Platform will accelerate the pace of expansion in the fields of medical treatment, vehicle networking, education, tourism, energy, e-commerce, video, games, etc., help more enterprises build IT capabilities at the level of public cloud, move public cloud "back home", so that enterprises can enjoy services consistent with public cloud experience internally.