Big News at the Xiaomi AIOT Developers Conference: Kingsoft Cloud Released Intelligent Habitat Solution

On November 28, the Xiaomi AIoT Developers Conference was held in Beijing. The founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, Lei Jun, came to the scene and explained Xiaomi's strategic layout of the two core businesses which are AI and IoT. As an important participant in Xiaomi AIoT strategy, Wang Yulin, CEO of Kingsoft Cloud, was invited and delivered a speech on the theme of Cloud Computing Connecting Intelligent Age. At the conference, Kingsoft Cloud released AI-house, an enterprise management platform for intelligent habitat, and on this basis, launched a cloud-to-end integrated intelligent habitat solution for vertical industries. This solution relies on the MIoT device and Xiao Ai intelligent voice open platform, combined with a variety of third-party products and services, and then realizes the intelligent transformation and upgrading of hardware devices, greatly improving the user interaction experience.

Wang Yulin said that AI is reshaping people's lives, making everything simple and intelligent. AI control has been implemented in everything from refrigerators and televisions to light bulbs and alarm clocks. AIoT uses AI and IoT to realize the leap from "interconnection" era to "intelligence" era. Kingsoft Cloud will speed up the realization of comprehensive intelligence of human habitat environment by joining forces with partners in the industry and building an enterprise intelligent habitat management platform.

Kingsoft Cloud and Xiaomi have complementary advantages, "B+C" lays the foundation of intelligent habitat

"Intelligent habitat is aimed at hotel, apartment, residential accommodation, community and other human habitat industries. It involves not only ordinary consumers, but also various intelligent hardware manufacturers, software service providers and other enterprises. Therefore, in order to maximize the value of AIoT applications, we need a strong 'To C + To B' capability. The former needs a broad user base and a large amount of terminal equipment resources, while the latter needs strong enterprise customer resources and service capabilities. " Wang Yulin said, "Based on this, as one of the top three cloud service providers in China and the bottom service provider of Xiaomi IaaS, Kingsoft Cloud will complement the advantages of MIoT, the world's largest commercial Internet of Things platform, and join forces to accelerate the arrival of the era of AIoT."

Specifically, Xiaomi is one of the earliest companies in the field of IoT. It has leading IoT experience, rich products and application scenarios, and has outstanding capabilities and advantages in connecting individual consumers and families. According to Q3 financial report, the number of consumer-grade Internet of Things connection devices in Xiaomi IoT has reached 132 million (excluding mobile phones, tablets and laptops). Xiao Ai, an AI intelligent voice assistant, has more than 34 million active users per month. The huge number of active users will provide a solid foundation for understanding human's needs.

Relying on Kingsoft Group's 30-year experience in enterprise service, Kingsoft Cloud has been born for enterprise service. It has a strong basic resource reserve for enterprise, including EB-level storage, tens of millions of concurrent hosting, etc. In addition to insisting on innovation and keeping ahead, Kingsoft Cloud can also penetrate into business scenarios through AI technology and provide stable enterprise solutions. For example, customers of Kingsoft Cloud are widely distributed in video, game, government affairs, finance, medical, manufacturing, education, industry and other fields. It has a variety of complete industry solutions and is the "intelligent center" of "intelligent habitat".

From IaaS to SaaS, open ecosystem promotes the extension of AIoT application scene

As Lei Jun said, the best way to predict the future is to create it in person. In the aspect of AIoT, cloud computing is based on strong infrastructure capabilities, providing solutions covering the whole scenario from IaaS to PaaS and SaaS, and attracting more and more partners to join through open capabilities, so as to make it stronger.

Taking intelligent habitat solution of Kingsoft Cloud as an example, through accessing Xiao Ai, Xiaomi IoT platform and other hardware equipment partners, thousands of hardware devices are intelligently manipulated, and the devices are organically linked to form an intelligent scene, which greatly optimizes the user interaction experience. Through the intelligent habitat enterprise management platform, it can export equipment management, user management, authority management, remote maintenance, large data analysis and other capabilities for enterprise customers. In addition, through the connection with OTA, PMS, CRM, ERP and other system platforms, intelligent habitat solution can be applied to hotel, building, community, city and other industries, and serve various types of government and enterprise institutions. It is reported that Kingsoft Cloud has reached strategic cooperation with Tujia to promote the landing of intelligent habitat solution.

Wang Yulin said: "AI has achieved a leap from 0 to 1 in intelligent home, and will greatly accelerate the penetration of IoT applications into all walks of life. As the carrier of human life in the future, families, buildings, communities and even cities will become the important scenes of AIoT landing. Based on the enterprise management platform of intelligent habitat, Kingsoft Cloud will connect the whole industry and participate in the construction of intelligent era with more partners. "