Food Safety Tracing Cloud Launched by Kingsoft Cloud, China Food Association and Zhixin Traceability Research Institute

On December 6, the Fourth Conference of Food Safety Tracing and Risk Control of Fast Consumption Supply Chain were held in Xiamen. Kingsoft Cloud, Food Safety and Information Tracing Branch of China Food Association and Jiangsu Zhixin Traceability Research Institute have reached tripartite strategic cooperation to build Food safety Tracing Cloud Platform. He Jihong, President of China Food Association, Guo Binghui, Vice President of Jiangsu Zhixin Traceability Research Institute, Tian Kaiyan, partner of Kingsoft Cloud, attended the signing ceremony.

Food safety is related to people's health and life, so it is the most important thing to ensure food safety. He Jihong said: "This release of China Food Safety Tracing Cloud will effectively realize the integration of food enterprise resources and high-tech, provide technical guarantee covering the whole life cycle management for food safety. At the same time, it will also enhance the efficiency of enterprises, strengthen cooperation between enterprises and government departments, and provide more possibilities for food safety industry and food enterprises to break the pattern."

Co-construction of Traceable Safety System by Industry Organization, Enterprise and Scientific Research Institution

According to statistics, by June 2018, China had 8906 food manufacturing enterprises, and the scale of the food market exceeded 10 trillion yuan. Food enterprises involve production, circulation, service and other processes, with many complex links. The huge market scale also brings troubles to food safety supervision.

To solve this problem, Tian Kaiyan said, "Kingsoft Cloud will work with the Food Safety and Information Tracing Branch of China Food Association and Jiangsu Zhixin Traceability Research Institute, to build the traceability system for food enterprises with high and new technologies, such as big data, blockchain, IoT and quantum technology. Data acquisition and tracking of food suppliers, raw materials, production, warehousing, sales, market inspection and consumption are carried out, so as to realize the life cycle management of food production, sales, circulation and service links and effectively solve the problem of food supervision.

"In the specific process of food traceability, we will give a unique label ID to a single product. This label is an important evidence of food safety traceability and contains rich information from food production to marketing services. "Guo Binghui said.

Regarding the construction of the whole food traceability safety system, He Jihong said that China Food Association will give full play to the advantages of industry resources and actively promote the application of new technologies in various food industry enterprises. Enterprises meeting the requirements of national scale will be invited to participate in the formulation of standards, the issuance and use of safety codes, and quality supervision.

Upgrading and Transformation of Food Enterprises, Enabled by Science and Technology

Food safety traceability is related to the safety of the whole food supply chain. It has the characteristics of safety, accuracy, real-time, operability and so on. This Food Safety Tracing Cloud combines the industry's leading cloud computing, 5G, big data, block chain, artificial intelligence identification technology. On the one hand, it can fully guarantee the stability and realizability of traceability technology, on the other hand, through data linkage and analysis, it can realize the upgrading and transformation of food enterprises and the improvement of production efficiency.

For example, in the Food Safety Tracing Cloud Solution, Kingsoft Cloud uses blockchain technology and quantum cloud code technology to record in detail the production, processing, warehousing, logistics, sales (price) and any other details of food, and verifies the whole network through the signatures of both parties and many parties, so as to enhance the security of the whole system and reduce the labor cost. In addition, King Insight can be used in every link of food quality traceability system based on the functions of content identification, face recognition and image recognition, such as quality detection and control in production link, document scanning and verification in logistics link, so as to improve the overall efficiency of logistics process.

In terms of big data, with the help of the traceability system of Zhixin Traceability Research Institute, the information of green food production, processing, quality inspection and transportation can be recorded by the Internet of Things domain name tagged with RFID. The quality inspection managers or consumers can search the traceability of products by scanning single product two-dimensional codes or entering OID codes on the Internet, so as to ensure the traceability of food safety. Guo Binghui said that through the access of product Internet label ID, not only traceability is achieved, but also data can be shared with each other, forming consumption data, providing big data analysis for marketing.

With the accelerated transformation of the consumption structure of residents, the food industry in China is changing from guarantee supply to individuation, functionalization and fashion, from satisfying survival consumption to satisfying healthy, enjoyable and diversified consumption. In order to stand out in the fierce competition, the food industry needs to use new technological means to get out of the homogeneous competition situation. On the one hand, food safety should be guaranteed. On the other hand, enterprises should actively adapt to changes in consumer demand side with higher efficiency and lower cost, and accelerate innovation and upgrading.