Three Platforms "Cloud, Big Data and AI" of Kingsoft Cloud Accelerate the Arrival of the Age of Intelligent Media

In the early 17th century, periodically printed newspapers appeared. If this was the starting point, the media industry has existed for hundreds of years. From newspapers, radio and television to mobile internet, the form and carrier of media are constantly changing and promoting social progress. The application of new technologies, such as cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, is accelerating the arrival of a new era of intelligent media.

It has reached the watershed of media reform and innovation. Both new media and traditional media need to seek breakthroughs in content and product innovation. Technology is becoming an important driving force for media development. Recently, at the Fifth Central China Convergence Media Summit in 2018, Chen Wei, General Manager of Kingsoft Cloud Media Department, delivered a speech on this topic. He said that the media industry is evolving towards intelligent media, which requires four abilities: intellectualization, digitalization, ecological coordination and service transformation. Kingsoft Cloud will rely on sufficient technological accumulation and in-depth understanding of the media industry, with the three platforms of media cloud, big data and artificial intelligence as the basis of four capabilities, to enable the construction of intelligent media.

Four abilities are indispensable for the media industry revolution

In the context of the intelligent age, like other industries, the media industry has also set off a wave of innovation, and technology has become the key force to promote the evolution of the media. How to speed up the construction of a new communication system to attract more users has become a necessary question for every media organization.

"New technology provides more imaginative space for the sustainable development of the media industry," Chen Wei said in his speech. From the perspective of the development process, the media industry has experienced traditional media, emerging media and convergence media, and is now evolving towards intelligent media. "In my opinion, intelligent media should have four abilities: intellectualization, digitalization, ecological coordination and service transformation."

In the aspect of intellectualization, intelligent media is more intelligent in content production, communication mode and decision-making process; in the aspect of digitalization, it can help to solve the problem of information island; in the aspect of ecological coordination, as a connector, it enables people, things and industries of the whole ecological upstream and downstream to interconnect and achieve more integration and innovation; in the aspect of service transformation, it will become the driving force of industrial economic growth. "Besides, cloud, big data and AI will be the basis for realizing these four abilities, as well as the means for media to provide more value and realize industrial upgrading."

Chen Wei introduced that as China's leading cloud computing company, Kingsoft Cloud has sufficient technology accumulation and in-depth understanding of the media industry. It provides "cloud + big data + AI" service for media organizations and supports the construction of intelligent media. Through the in-depth application of new technologies in the media industry, Kingsoft Cloud will help customers to create new products and services.

Three platforms "cloud, big data and AI" enabling intelligent media construction

"Kingsoft Cloud will be able to build intelligent media on three platforms: cloud, big data and AI," Chen Wei said. Specifically, Kingsoft Cloud will provide corresponding service capabilities for media customers from three levels: media cloud platform, big data platform and AI platform. In terms of media cloud platform, Kingsoft Cloud relies on the powerful computing, storage capacity, security protection of public cloud and customized deployment of private cloud to provide flexible cloud platform construction scheme for media organizations. Meanwhile, it realizes the all-media service capability of collecting, editing, broadcasting, storage and management.

In terms of big data platform, Kingsoft Data Cloud, a unified big data cloud platform, can help the media industry quickly build data centers and easily excavate data value. Kingsoft Data Engine (KDE) provides distributed computing and storage services for upper-level big data services and applications.

In terms of AI platform, King Insight is the leading one-stop AI content service in China. Based on this intelligent recognition technology and massive annotated data, it can effectively and accurately identify video, pictures, text and other media content, avoid sudden content risks, and save audit costs.

"Building a new media service platform and promoting the transformation and upgrading of media institutions are crucial for the media industry." Chen Wei said. In the era of rapid technological development, profound changes have taken place in the industrial chain that runs through the whole media, from content creation to content production to content distribution. Cloud computing, big data and AI will create a number of new media groups and intelligent media platforms. Kingsoft Cloud hopes to build intelligent media together with the media industry, with the help of its own technology and ecological connectivity capabilities, and keep moving forward with dreams.