Wang Yulin: Cloud Computing Promotes Digital Transformation and Industrial Upgrading

Cloud computing promotes digital transformation and industrial upgrading. Kingsoft Cloud has become one of the leading cloud computing service providers with leading technology and market share in China. Kingsoft Cloud has been pursuing digital transformation and upgrading, and all walks of life have also responded positively. In response to how to promote industrial upgrading more efficiently, Xinhuanet invited Wang Yulin, CEO of Kingsoft Cloud, to exchange ideas on related topics.

At present, many industries in China are undergoing industrial transformation and upgrading, moving towards informationization and digitization. Artificial intelligence is the general direction of the future, and digital transformation is the only way for industrial transformation and upgrading.

Enterprises in all industries need to complete digital transformation, and digitalization will become a key factor in enterprise competition. It is the driving force and competitive advantage for the company's own development to complete the digital transformation earlier.

There is a difference in the time and ability of traditional and emerging industries to access digital and cloud computing. Cloud computing has been developing rapidly in China for about five or six years. In the past, cloud computing was mainly used in the Internet industry, but by 2018, cloud computing began to be applied in different industries.

For an industry, the higher the degree of informatization, the more necessary it is to apply cloud computing, and the faster it can be transformed. However, if an industry's informatization development is slow and the initial preparation is insufficient, the digital transformation will be more difficult. However, from another perspective, the informationization development demand of this industry may be stronger.

As the foundation and platform for the digital transformation of all enterprises, cloud computing provides the conditions for the digital transformation of enterprises. What is the content of hash rate as the core competitiveness of cloud computing?

Wang Yulin said that the first is the ability of pure computing. “The core of digital transformation is data. If cloud computing is hailed as the foundation of the future industry, then data is the oil of the entire traditional industry. It is the most basic energy. Therefore, data-based computing and mining has become the main line in the digital transformation." He believes that it is important to have a steady stream of data at a lower cost.

Second, data-based computing power. This part is the strongest part of cloud computing companies. Over the years, the company has established more than 30 large data cloud centers and more than 100,000 servers in the world, providing ample computing power across the country.

Third, how to connect enterprises together through data and hash rate, and their transmission capabilities are the utmost concern to enterprises. Transmission is like "logistics" and "highway" in the traditional sense, and it is also part of the establishment of hash rate. The core question companies face now is whether services can be guaranteed and how to connect with cloud computing companies.

Fourth, the upgrade of hash rate. The biggest difference between today's big data and traditional big data is that the former solves problems through artificial intelligence, rather than data warehouse, data modeling and sampling in the traditional sense. Big data applies data to all services and scenarios directly through full-scale computing and artificial intelligence.

The goal of digital transformation is to make artificial intelligence a core competence of the enterprise. At present, artificial intelligence has entered various practical application stages, and data mining through artificial intelligence can generate great value in specific applications. For example, in the production process of assembling and installing, etc., AI can improve the production efficiency of smart devices and smart devices in manufacturing. Not only that, artificial intelligence will bring huge improvements in business operations and sales. The goal of Kingsoft Cloud is that AI can replace people and do better things that people can do, especially the repeated labor and mechanical labor that people can do.

Cloud computing provides such capabilities. First, cloud computing has turned the technology that was originally monopolized by giants into universal benefits. Second, cloud computing makes technological innovation easier. For small and medium-sized enterprises, the technical threshold is the biggest obstacle to development, and the use of new technologies and new models will help them quickly create new development opportunities. The technological advantages have already helped Internet companies to enter the financial, logistics, retail and other industries. Cloud computing companies also hope to use AI to promote the digital transformation and upgrading of the industry. [Article transferred from Xinhuanet]