Kingsoft Cloud joins hands with Zhejiang Telecom to accelerate digital transformation of enterprises

On January 28, China Telecom Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Branch (hereinafter referred to as "Zhejiang Telecom") signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Kingsoft Cloud Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kingsoft Cloud").

Under the agreement, they will establish a long-term strategic partnership. In the fields of hybrid cloud, video cloud, PaaS platform, artificial intelligence, and IoT platform, they will give full play to their respective resources and technological advantages and carry out comprehensive and multi-level cooperation. Together, they will build hybrid cloud solutions that provide end-to-end, one-stop shop when enterprises need cloud services. This will meet the needs of the industry's differentiated cloud services, build an industrial ecosystem, and help digital Zhejiang's construction and the digital transformation of Zhejiang's government and enterprise customers. Chen Hua, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Telecom, and Song Wei, senior vice president and partner of Kingsoft Cloud, attended the signing ceremony. Chen Feng, general manager of Zhejiang Telecom's government and enterprise business department, and Cao Xigang, vice president and partner of Kingsoft Cloud, signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties.

Work together to innovate technology and accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises

At present, China is in an important process of digital transformation. The impact and penetration of emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are rapidly increasing, providing new growth spaces for all walks of life and giving new vitality. From the perspective of the general trend, the future development of society is based on digitalization, networking, cloudization and intelligence. Therefore, how to integrate new technologies with the industry to achieve digital and intelligent transformation has become the most concerned issue for everyone.

With the advent of the intelligent era, Zhejiang Telecom, as a basic network service provider, is actively participating in the construction of smart cities, smart manufacturing, and enterprise cloud services in Zhejiang Province with high-quality intelligent networks, cloud platforms and applications. In this process, Zhejiang Telecom has achieved remarkable results. It continuously strengthens the solution capabilities and ecological layout of the enterprise-level market, and works with industry partners to innovate in the fields of cloud computing, big data, AI, IoT, etc. according to industry development and customer needs.

Since its establishment in 2012, Kingsoft Cloud has maintained rapid growth and has become China's largest independent cloud service provider. Relying on Kingsoft Group's 30-year enterprise-level service technology and experience, it is based on cloud computing and integrates innovative technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and edge computing. Kingsoft Cloud has built a complete cloud service ecosystem to expand smart cities, smart finance, smart healthcare and smart manufacturing. Kingsoft Cloud has achieved fruitful results in the enterprise-level market and has achieved the landing of many key projects in dozens of industries.

Song Wei, senior vice president and partner of Kingsoft Cloud, said, “This signing will promote multi-level and multi-dimensional cooperation between the two parties and will inject more new momentum into the development of the cloud industry. I am confident in the prospect of cooperation. We will join hands to continuously upgrade our technological innovation capabilities and bring more value to our customers. ”

Strong alliance to build a hybrid cloud industry ecology

According to the agreement, the two sides will make full use of their respective advantages in cloud computing, big data, AI IoT, channel resources, regional resources, brand reputation, etc., and focus on the future strategic layout of cloud services. In the fields of hybrid cloud, video cloud, PaaS platform, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things platform, the two sides will carry out all-round and multi-level cooperation.

In the future, Zhejiang Telecom and Kingsoft Cloud will cooperate closely to fully integrate cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things capabilities and applications to form hybrid cloud solutions. Create an optimal cloud strategy for customers and provide end-to-end one-stop services. On the one hand, it satisfies the flexible needs of customers' businesses, on the other hand, it meets the requirements of security and reliability. On this basis, by building an industrial ecology, it will provide a strong driving force for enterprise customers to achieve digital transformation.