Kingsoft Cloud promotes the reforms to streamline administration, delegate powers, and improve regulation and services of smart government affairs

Recently, the 2019 Government Information Innovation Forum was held in Beijing. This forum is aimed at promoting the development of government informationization innovation, deepening the reforms to streamline administration, delegate powers, and improve regulation and services, as well as transforming government functions. Leaders of relevant state ministries and commissions, local government leaders, well-known experts, and representatives of information technology enterprises conducted in-depth discussions on hot issues of government informationization. Wu Yue, general manager of Kingsoft Cloud's Government and Enterprise Department Solutions, was invited and gave a keynote speech, sharing the innovative experience and cases of Kingsoft Cloud Smart Government Cloud.

Further cultivate government cloud and provide comprehensive cloud services

With the informatization of government affairs and the development of cloud service industry, government informationization has entered the cloud era. The innovative modes of Internet + government services, such as "approval without meeting" and "online one-time approval", have become the basic consensus of government information construction.

In recent years, Kingsoft Cloud has invested heavily in technology research and development. Using the comprehensive technical capabilities in the fields of cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cloud security, etc. to promote the construction of smart government cloud, Kingsoft Cloud has accumulated a lot of innovative experiences and cases in this regard.

Wu Yue introduced that in 2015, Kingsoft Cloud won the bid for the Beijing Government Affairs Cloud Purchasing Project and became the first batch of service providers of Beijing Government Affairs Cloud. With three years of accumulation, last year, Kingsoft Cloud was once again shortlisted for the Beijing Municipal Government Affairs Cloud Purchase List in the next three years.

Beijing Government Affairs Cloud adopts the 2+1 architecture, namely two production centers and one disaster recovery center, which is in line with the architectural requirements of the Beijing government's two locations and three centers. Kingsoft Cloud provides safe and reliable cloud services for Beijing Committee and Office users. Kingsoft Cloud has created a dedicated cloud computing platform for government and enterprises, providing mature, fast-deliverable, highly flexible and scalable IaaS+PaaS layer solutions.

At present, Kingsoft Cloud’s Beijing Government Affairs Cloud has 48 Committee and Office users and more than 200 carrying systems. It successfully launched the online registration and reservation system for real estate for the Beijing Land and Resources Bureau, and launched a lottery system for the shared housing of the Beijing Municipal Urban and Rural Construction Committee. It also guarantees the live broadcast of the cadre education network of the Organization Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China.

Four major innovations help government informationization

The Government Affairs Cloud is not simply moving the traditional government management affairs to the Internet. Instead, it streamlines processes, increases efficiency, ensures security, and reduces costs through innovative service capabilities and the benefits of cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence.  

In the process of promoting the implementation of the government cloud, Kingsoft Cloud has continuously innovated in the field of smart government. According to the business needs of government agencies, Kingsoft Cloud has formed four innovation capabilities: cross-platform service capabilities, sensitive data processing, blockchain platform, and automated operation and maintenance platform.

Kingsoft Cloud's Smart Government Cloud has cross-platform service capabilities, which can be used for cross-platform resource monitoring, cross-platform business opening, and cross-platform interoperability. At the same time, for sensitive data in government informationization, Kingsoft Cloud uses hardware such as storage area, independent audit equipment, and self-developed hardware encryption machine for security processing. For the traceability of demand in the food industry, Kingsoft Cloud has also developed a blockchain platform to help the China Food Association to create a food quality and safety traceability platform using the distributed accounting and traceability features of the blockchain. In terms of operation and maintenance, Kingsoft Cloud's multi-functional automatic operation and maintenance platform can save time and effort for the government.

In addition, Kingsoft Cloud is constantly introducing new products and services in the government cloud application layer. In the construction of smart cities, Kingsoft Cloud’s “City Website” can be used as a unified information portal to realize functions such as online services, social security contributions, and public transportation. Using Xiaomi + Kingsoft Smart Internet of Things, Kingsoft Cloud creates a "smart home" to realize intelligent voice interaction and provide intelligent services for home scenes. In the medical field, based on its big data analysis and AI technology, automatic diagnosis and treatment can be realized. In the field of security, intelligent identification can be achieved.

The government cloud will provide many conveniences for our daily life. In the future, Kingsoft Cloud will continue to accelerate the expansion of the government cloud field and contribute to the construction of digital China and smart government.