Guo Lan from Kingsoft Cloud: Cloud computing + AI is the dual engine for industrial upgrading

On February 28, the 2019 China Annual Conference of IT Market was held in Beijing, which was sponsored by China Center for Information Industry Development and undertook by CCID Consulting Company Limited. With the theme of "Digital Transformation and Smart Future", this annual conference will focus on the new hotspots in the field of global IT and the development trend of the national industry, and select the most promising and representative technologies and industry fields. Kingsoft Cloud's partner, Guo Lan, was invited and gave a keynote speech on how cloud computing can help enterprises digitally upgrade.

Guo Lan said that the global economy is undergoing profound changes. Cloud computing, big data and AI are triggering the fourth industrial revolution. Every industry urgently needs to upgrade towards "digitalization, informationization and intellectualization" in order to gain stronger competitiveness. Cloud computing enterprises, such as Kingsoft cloud, are accelerating the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises by integrating innovative technologies such as AI, block chains and edge computing, and joining upstream and downstream partners.

Cloud computing and AI complement each other to drive industrial upgrading

With the disappearance of the demographic dividend, the penetration rate of cloud computing in e-commerce, games, short video, live broadcast and other industries has reached more than 80%. But in the enterprise market, which is facing the digital upgrade, the penetration rate of cloud computing is only 7%. Therefore, focusing on enterprise-level digital transformation will become an inevitable choice for cloud computing vendors.

According to IDC, in 2020, the total global data will increase 10 times compared with 2016, reaching 44ZB, with a compound annual growth rate of 40%. Data sources are becoming more and more abundant, and data analysis and processing technologies are becoming more and more powerful, which have led to continuous improvement in deep learning and neural network capabilities. People are full of imagination about the application of AI in corporate scenes, and welcoming the third outbreak of AI.

Guo said, "Cloud computing and AI are two different technologies, but they complement each other. It can even be said that they reach the same destination through different ways. Their combination will become an important force to promote enterprise-level digital upgrade. On one hand, cloud computing can provide powerful support about data, algorithms, and computing power for the development of AI. On the other hand, intelligent voice and semantic recognition, machine learning and image recognition can give cloud vendors more powerful capabilities. It can also effectively accelerate the industrial intelligent upgrade process. For example, help enterprises achieve intelligent decision-making, intelligent manufacturing, etc."

Kingsoft Cloud AI covering the whole scenario makes the enterprise intelligent in the future

Guo said that in the era of data intelligence, cloud + AI will activate commercial DNA. Like all previous industrial upgrades, the enormous energy within technology and industry is quickly released. Intelligent, digital and ecological synergy will be the most prominent features of this round of industrial upgrading. At present, Kingsoft Cloud has completed the overall architecture construction of comprehensive cloud services, such as covering the underlying architecture, general AI technology research and development, industry solutions, and application ecological layout. It provides a solid foundation for enterprises to move toward smarter transformation and upgrading in the process of digitization.

Guo introduced that by adopting the AI strategy of "underlying technology + scenario", Kingsoft Cloud has launched a number of products and solutions to help enterprises improve quality and efficiency, which covers the whole industry such as finance, manufacturing, medical, education and industry. For example, in the aspect of video cloud service, Kingsoft Cloud uses KIE (Kingsoft Image &AI Enhancement) and KSHD (Kingsoft Smart High Definition). The video image bandwidth of the same quality is saved by 20%-40%, giving users a clearer and more powerful visual experience.

Kingsoft Cloud's content management platform, King Insight, can manage content one-stop based on AI. It can not only ensure the security of online content based on image recognition, but also can be used to create smart communities, smart businesses, smart police and so on. For example, in community management, community service, public service and family service, intelligent management can be realized through AI technology. Through Kingsoft Cloud's Smart Habitat Enterprise Management Platform, users can connect smart hardware products such as Xiaomi and Xiaomi AIoT open platform services. It can also connect related services of smart communities and smart cities, thus greatly improving people's living and city management. Smart business solutions focus on image recognition, which can effectively track consumer behavior data and achieve effective product marketing, customer management and other functions.

Gou said, "With the continuous integration of technologies and scenarios, more companies will use technology and services to achieve seamless connectivity, build ecosystems, and enhance the synergy between internal and upstream companies as well as downstream companies. Currently, Kingsoft Cloud and Xiaomi, together with other partners, are constantly improving the AI ecosystem and upgrading the industry. In the future, Kingsoft Cloud will deeply explore the integration of cloud computing, AI and various industry scenarios, so that enterprises can accelerate the digital transformation and upgrade."