Kingsoft Cloud provides top technical support for Xiao Ai virtual assistant, more than ten billion activations in the past two years

Recently, Xiaomi officially released Xiao Ai, a new upgraded virtual assistant. Its 4-inch touch screen and on-screen interaction greatly expand its usage scenarios, making it different from previous generations. The latest data shows that the cumulative sales of Xiao Ai speaker has exceeded 9 million, which is one of the most popular artificial intelligence speakers in China.    

Xiaoai Tongxue (meaning Classmate Xiaoai), the artificial intelligence voice assistant, has contributed enormously to its popularity. By the end of 2018, Xiao Ai’s cumulative wake-ups exceeded 10 billion times. It is linked to 132 million IoT devices, making it an absolute industry leader. Every time it wakes up and gives a response, it is backed by efficient support from Kingsoft Cloud. As a comprehensive cloud service provider of Xiaomi, Kingsoft Cloud provides all-system technology products including top GPU resources and high-speed data transmission network for Xiao Ai.

Kingsoft Cloud AI service efficiently supports 10 billion awakenings of Xiaoai Tongxue

In March 2017, the world's first artificial intelligence voice TV - Xiaomi TV 4A was released. At that time, Xiaoai Tongxue has been officially born. In July 2017, Xiaomi’s artificial intelligence speaker was released, and it was the first product equipped with “Xiaoai Tongxue”. In 2018, Xiaomi MIX2S and Xiaomi 8 were launched, which can realize always on display of sound-awakening. Today, the equipment available to Xiaoai Tongxue has fully covered mobile phones, TVs, boxes, children's watches, speakers and other products, including almost all of Xiaomi's intelligent hardware.

The wake word Xiaoai Tongxue has become synonymous with Xiaomi smart speaker. As long as you say "Xiaoai Tongxue" to the speaker, you can wake it up and communicate with it. You can also control many IoT devices. All excellent artificial intelligence voice assistants are inseparable from massive reasoning training. Xiaoai Tongxue has more than 10 billion user wake-ups in the past two years. Behind its amazing growth rate, Kingsoft Cloud provides an overall solution for AI inference prediction based on GPU and FPGA. Kingsoft Cloud helped Xiaoai Tongxue to achieve effective training in language recognition, semantic recognition and speech synthesis, making it smarter.

In terms of business deployment, Kingsoft Cloud's model system has enabled Xiaomi to avoid the linear increase in cost caused by traditional large-scale deployment of AI inference systems economically and efficiently. Not only that, Kingsoft Cloud also provides audio labeling services for Xiaoai Tongxue. Through the music annotation algorithm based on the label depth analysis, the multi-level features of the audio are extracted, and the label vector is combined to improve the robust of the music automatic annotation depth network. This makes music recommended by Xiaoai Tongxue more accurate and efficient, and more in line with user preferences.

High-quality network effectively protects 132 million IoT devices

In addition to the top computing resources support, high-quality transmission network is also an important part of ensuring stable operation of Xiao Ai. According to official data of Xiaomi, as of the end of 2018, Xiao Ai has been linked with 132 million IoT devices. The controllable third-party platform equipment covers mainstream high-frequency intelligent hardware such as infrared box, smart socket and lighting equipment. Kingsoft Cloud provides a high-speed transmission network for Xiao Ai, and achieves a very fast response between server and users, allowing users to easily talk to it to control various smart devices.

As for network connection, Kingsoft Cloud applies the regular traffic to a bare metal physical host in the same region, providing 100G RDMA network to solve the cross-server access delay problem. Kingsoft Cloud's physical servers and cloud servers, as well as services in other regions, are connected by the leading VPC network. It realizes on-demand deployment and flexible expansion of computing power, so as to effectively cope with sudden traffic conditions and ensure stable operation.

As an important part of Xiaomi's internationalization strategy, Xiao Ai will serve global market. Kingsoft Cloud's global operation centers and nodes provide high-speed, low-latency services for Xiao Ai. In terms of deployment, Kingsoft Cloud exclusive computer room (composed of GPU training cluster and internal test cluster) is connected with the public cloud with high-quality network. At the same time, peer-to-peer connections between different regions are used to build a unified network architecture. In this way, high-quality network access is available throughout the world, and an easy voice conversation experience and smart device control are also available.

Xiaoai Tongxue is not only an intelligent voice interactive platform of Xiaomi, but also one of the core products of the “Mobile + AIoT” dual-engine strategy proposed by Lei Jun, founder and CEO of Xiaomi Technology. As a comprehensive cloud service provider of Xiaomi, Kingsoft Cloud helps it better serve its consumers by providing the best computing resources, network resources and storage resources.

In the future, Kingsoft Cloud is committed to providing high-performance IaaS resources, operation and maintenance services, and security system based on the technical capabilities accumulated in AI voice services. Kingsoft Cloud will work with other partners to create leading AI products and services. Let more people enjoy the convenience brought by smart voice.