Kingsoft Cloud cooperates with China Construction Bank in big data

Recently, Kingsoft Cloud and China Construction Bank (hereinafter referred to as CCB) officially cooperated in big data. Kingsoft Cloud has leading data processing capabilities and autonomous and systematic big data product system, which is the basis for becoming an important partner in the process of CCB's financial technology strategy.

At present, financial institutions represented by CCB are actively exploring the application of innovative technologies such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and Internet of Things in the financial field. Under the premise of ensuring advanced technology, CCB complies with the strategic requirements of its current business development. Furthermore, it launched the CCB big data platform project, which is based on the service of inclusive finance and inclusive people's livelihood, with the overall goal of building its own big data technology capabilities and service system. Under such circumstances, it has reached a technical service cooperation with Kingsoft Cloud, and has joined forces to achieve win-win cooperation.

Kingsoft Cloud is China's largest independent cloud service provider with rich experience in enterprise-level technical services. Based on this, it has built a “clouded, easy-to-use and unified” big data cloud platform. The platform has six characteristics, namely unified management, resource cloudization, ultra-large scale deployment, agile openness, security and high efficiency. Therefore, it effectively solves the problems of big data dispersion and heterogeneity, scale and performance bottlenecks, high usage thresholds, and provides a complete solution for enterprises to build their own big data platforms. It is reported that one of the top priorities of Kingsoft Cloud in 2019 is to make the CCB big data platform project a benchmark in the industry. Kingsoft Cloud will rely on its most advantageous resources and the support of special technical service teams to provide comprehensive support for the platform's high standard and high quality application.

The co-constructed big data platform is becoming more and more mature. With the financial ecology created by financial technology, CCB will embed big data capabilities into the financial ecological scene. In this way, CCB can realize the integration of scenarios, finance and technology, and make the financial market more popular, informational, digital and intelligent.