Kingsoft Cloud becomes a gold member of CNCF to build global open source technology ecosystems

On March 21st, the world-renowned non-profit organization Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced that Kingsoft Cloud became its gold member and officially joined CNCF. Kingsoft Cloud is the leading cloud vendor based in Kubernetes to provide container services in China. Joining CNCF not only marks that it has fully participated in the global open source technology ecological construction, but also marks its technical strength has been recognized by the global core open source organizations.

Integrate into the open source community and build ecosystems

As is known to all, CNCF is part of the non-profit organization Linux Foundation, which is dedicated to unifying cloud computing interfaces and related standards, maintaining and integrating open source technologies, and supporting orchestration of containerized microservices architecture applications. It is the premier open source organization in cloud computing technology. CNCF is a neutral collaboration platform that brings together top developers, end users and vendors, including the world's largest public cloud and enterprise software companies and dozens of innovative start-ups to create a benign cloud computing ecosystem.

CNCF is committed to the promotion and popularization of cloud native applications. It excels in promoting technology, building communities, managing open source projects and advancing the health of ecosystems. Being able to join CNCF is one of the goals of many cloud service providers. Kingsoft Cloud joined CNCF as a gold member, indicating that it has strong technical strength in open source.

Speaking of products, Kingsoft cloud container infrastructure is based on Kubernetes, and uses Prometheus and CoreDNS components to achieve a highly reliable and high-performance system solution. In the future, Kingsoft Cloud will also build a cloud service governance framework based on Service Mesh technology, launch related products, assist industry customers to customize solutions and promote the implementation of community technologies in commercial application scenarios.

Continuous technological innovation and accelerated scenario landing

Dan Kohn, executive director of CNCF, said: "Cloud computing industry in China is growing rapidly. Companies like Kingsoft Cloud are the catalyst for cloud and open source innovation. Kingsoft Cloud brings valuable experience to the CNCF community in terms of cloud and AI. We look forward to working together to enhance the developer experience."

Liu Tao, Partner of Kingsoft Cloud and General Manager of Cloud Computing Product Center, said: "After joining CNCF, we hope to continuously improve and enrich our product system. Provide customers with more versatile and standardized solutions. In addition, we work together to contribute to the more perfect integration of open source technologies and the actual business scenarios of our customers. On the one hand, joining this leading organization can strengthen our exploration and innovation of advanced technologies; on the other hand, our rich practical experience in various business scenarios can help CNCF to obtain more practical and ability to land in commercial application scenarios. Thereby pushing the technology to practicality. "

Being a gold member of CNCF marks that Kingsoft Cloud has fully participated in the global open source ecological construction. In the future, Kingsoft Cloud will continue to increase its support for cloud native computing technology and further participate in the global open source community technology exchange and open source project development. Undoubtedly, Kingsoft Cloud will contribute its tremendous strength to the development of cloud computing technology.