Kingsoft Cloud Song Wei: Build a Trustworthy Smart Government Cloud with Focus and Innovation

Recently, the Kingsoft Cloud Beijing government cloud project was awarded the “2019 China Open Source Cloud Computing Effective Application Project” at the 2019 (5th) China Open Source Cloud Computing User Conference. Kingsoft Cloud has participated in Beijing “Xiangyun Project” for seven years. With the construction of government informationization and the development of cloud services, government informationization has entered the cloud era. The innovative mode of Internet plus government service such as "no meeting approval" and "one network handling" has become a consensus on government informationization.

Seven years of practice makes a reliable cloud partner

As an informationization center and pioneer, Beijing is accelerating the construction of e-government and even smart cities. Compared with other provinces and cities in China, it has the largest number of business and information systems, as well as the most complex network and system architecture. The Beijing government's cloud service capability is constantly improving. Its service catalog has grown to a total of 81 projects in five categories, including basic services, video cloud services, basic case protection, extended services, PaaS and SaaS services. It has become one of the largest government clouds in China, which has played a significant role in other provinces and cities. After three years of experience, the "Beijing Government Cloud Management Measures" was introduced recently, marking that the government cloud management system has become more standardized and streamlined.

As one of the first service providers, Kingsoft Cloud provides a full-chain cloud service for Beijing government offices. As for now it has served 54 units in Beijing, carrying more than 300 information systems and providing more than 2,000 virtual hosts. At present, Kingsoft Cloud's Beijing government cloud platform has achieved interconnection with various government private networks, external networks, intranets and the Internet. After years of practice, Kingsoft Cloud summarizes three steps of government cloud construction:

Business cloud: centralized and unified scheduling of physical resources through cloud services, in order to meet the flexible resource requirements of different government applications, to achieve intensive, shared and integrated of infrastructure resources, and to ensure efficient and flexible use of resources.

Data governance: relying on the government big data platform and data exchange and sharing platform to form a complete data sharing, exchange, analysis, and governance platform capability. Meet the data needs of the upper-level government applications, and achieve simultaneous approval. Provide platform and data support for data collaboration across regional, cross-department, and cross-service platforms.

Business innovation: building support platforms and big data platforms for government applications, helping to innovate government business. In addition, new technologies such as artificial intelligence and AIOT are integrated with government management and services to achieve business agility and smooth inter-departmental collaboration. More efficient and accurate government governance and public services help ultimately achieve smart government.

Facing the diversified government cloud infrastructure, Kingsoft Cloud provides various forms of infrastructure resources such as private cloud, public cloud, exclusive cloud and hybrid cloud to meet different needs. Kingsoft Cloud creates an intensive government cloud solution that is secure, efficient, and open to sharing. The government data center infrastructure is integrated through the construction of the government cloud platform. Centralized and clouded existing discrete traditional data centers and virtualized data centers enable the intensive and shared infrastructure resources.

Song Wei, senior vice president of Kingsoft Cloud, said that in-depth practice has enabled Kingsoft Cloud to quickly enter the first camp of the Chinese government cloud market. Kingsoft Cloud has always maintained its leading position in terms of market share, products, solutions, service richness and resource delivery.

Three elements create core driving force

Today, Kingsoft Cloud has rich case and practical experience in the field of government informationization. It has served many provinces and cities in China, including Beijing, Jiangsu, Hubei and Shaanxi, with more than 100 government cloud customers.

Different from traditional IT equipment service providers, it can be said that Kingsoft Cloud is a new force in the government and enterprise market. In summary, there are three main elements:

Focus and professional: Kingsoft Cloud has inherited the 30-year enterprise service experience of Kingsoft Group. The government and enterprise market require cloud providers not only to provide standardized cloud products and solutions, but also to have a clear understanding of the pain points and specific needs in the vertical industry. Further, make flexible adjustments to create tailored solutions. Kingsoft Cloud relies on the Group's 30 years of enterprise service experience, with natural government and enterprise service genes and a strong base resource reserve.

Internet-innovated genes: A new round of enterprise digital transformation refers to the continuous innovation of Internet. This process is not a simple technology graft, but based on the integration of its own business and secondary innovation. Kingsoft Cloud rises from the Internet, but it does not follow the old rules. In the fields of big data, blockchain, edge computing, artificial intelligence cloud, IoT, etc., Kingsoft Cloud has formed a fusion structure, which achieves mutual promotion and virtuous circle. For example, in November 2018, Kingsoft Cloud and MIoT, the world's largest commercial Internet of Things platform, joined forces to accelerate the advent of the AIOT era.

AI-driven industry fission: The biggest challenge for industrial enterprises in the process of informationization, digitization and intelligence is how to adapt the new technology to scenarios. In this regard, Kingsoft Cloud has joined hands with many partners such as Ansteel, Shaanxi Broadcasting Corporation, eHualu, TIRAIN Technology, etc. to explore ways for smart enterprise transformation. For example, Kingsoft Cloud and Ansteel Group have built an industrial Internet cloud platform, Jinggang Cloud. It helps Ansteel to fully apply cloud, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to production, sales and management, such as quality tracking, energy saving and emission reduction and smart logistics. It improves management and operational efficiency and reduces costs.

This unique new force has created a new addition to the industry cloud, which in turn has brought Kingsoft Cloud an acceleration effect as a secondary engine to expand the industry cloud market.

Song Wei, senior vice president of Kingsoft Cloud, said that our goal has always been to focus, innovate, pursue excellence and be a reliable government cloud partner in the field of smart government. We will work with our partners to build a digital foundation for smart government with new technologies and new business models.