IDC Report: Kingsoft Cloud has been ranked among the top three Internet cloud vendors in China for three consecutive years

On May 6, IDC, the internationally renowned consulting organization, recently released its report “China Public Cloud Service Market (second half of 2010) Tracking”. The data shows that in the second half of 2018, Kingsoft Cloud is still ranked among the top three Chinese Internet cloud vendors in China's public cloud IaaS market. Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud and Kingsoft Cloud have consistently ranked among the top three Internet cloud vendors in China in the past six consecutive semi-annual reports from 2016 to 2018.

Cloud computing market in China has changed a lot and been unpredictable in the past three years. AWS, BAT, Huawei and are competing fiercely in China cloud computing market. Kingsoft Cloud has been ranked among the top three Internet cloud vendors in China for three consecutive years. The reason is that it not only maintains the first-mover advantage of Internet services such as video and games, but also takes the lead in deploying enterprise-level markets. In addition, it is also fully committed to the development of finance, government, medical, manufacturing and other industries and usher in a harvest season, which led to continued growth in revenue. Therefore, Kingsoft Cloud found the key in this fierce competition of the second half of cloud computing.

In terms of finance, Kingsoft Cloud continues to provide more diversified and scenarized services to large benchmarking bank customers such as China Construction Bank and China Merchants Bank. In terms of new Internet banking, Kingsoft Cloud, Xiaomi Finance and Sichuan XW Bank have joined forces to create a new service paradigm that is guided by “inclusive finance”. Kingsoft Cloud provides the best service for all types of customers in financial industry, marking its ability to provide the top financial cloud service.

In terms of government affairs, Kingsoft Cloud's services continue to extend from Beijing government affairs cloud. It has provided comprehensive services such as smart government, smart zone and smart medical care for Xuzhou Government, Rizhao Government, Xiantao Government, Yanqing District Government, Luanchuan County Government and Changsha Tianxin District Government. Its rapid development in government market has made Kingsoft Cloud rank among the top government cloud service providers in China.

The AI+IoT era is coming soon. Combining advantages of Xiaomi in AIoT, Kingsoft Cloud has stepped up its layout and applied AIoT technology to multiple industries. AIoT solutions such as smart home and smart zone have been launched. Not only that, Kingsoft Cloud also has comprehensive strategic cooperation with Longfor Group and Yida Real Estate, and jointly launched a smart homestay solution with Tujia. Kingsoft Cloud has taken the lead in AIoT field.

The demand for digital transformation of enterprises is increasing day by day. China cloud computing market has entered the second half of the core of enterprise-level market competition. At present, the penetration rate of cloud computing in the enterprise service market is less than 10%. The future tera-scale competition is destined to be a competition between strategy and hard power. The enterprise market is not only complex in application scenarios, but also highly customized. Kingsoft Cloud has Internet genes, which will help it to quickly implement new technology applications and business model innovations, provide customers with complete solutions and continue to maintain a leading position.