Dragonbase, a Distributed Database Independently Developed by Kingsoft Cloud Provides Reliable Services

In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet, especially the mobile Internet, the exponential growth of data and high concurrent access have brought great challenges to the centralized architecture of traditional relational database, so the distributed cloud database has a significant development opportunity. Compared with the centralized architecture of traditional relational database, the distributed database often has more advantages in usability, scalability and cost. In terms of performance, it gradually gets closer to and even exceeds that of the centralized architecture of traditional relational database.

In fact, Kingsoft Cloud has been running database products on the public cloud platform for many years, including relational databases with single and distributed architecture, and served some important top customers. Based on these practices, database products of Kingsoft Cloud are constantly updated and upgraded. DragonBase database products were launched.

Independently develop and build a new generation of distributed cloud native database 

Kingsoft Cloud DragonBase is a new generation of distributed cloud native database independently developed by Kingsoft Cloud. It aims to build a safe and compliant database system with elastic capacity expansion, high performance and high availability; and effectively solve problems such as massive storage, high concurrent access and data consistency. It has been widely used in various key business scenarios of finance, Internet and government enterprises.

Kingsoft Cloud DragonBase adopts the architecture with separated computing and storage, and has three engines, including computing, storage and management. At present, it has been adapted to mainstream domestic servers and operating systems, such as Kunpeng chip, UOS, deep OS and Standard Kirin OS, as well as middleware such as TongTech and Kingdee.

Since its establishment 8 years ago, Kingsoft Cloud has built complete public cloud service infrastructure and provided reliable cloud service support. Relying on the public cloud service practice of Kingsoft Cloud, Kingsoft Cloud DragonBase greatly guarantees the high availability, high performance and other characteristics of the database, so as to provide stable and reliable data services to users.

Products with excellent comprehensive performance are widely praised by users

In terms of product, Kingsoft Cloud DragonBase synchronizes data in multiple copies through strong consistency protocol, uses the multiple data verification technology to ensure high reliability of data, supports the deployment of "two places and three centers", realizes the city-level disaster recovery, and ensures high availability of services. A single cluster supports more than 100 machines and more than100 terabytes of data. It can realize online horizontal capacity expansion and ensure the scalability.

Moreover, Kingsoft Cloud DragonBase supports two deployment modes: single deployment mode and distributed deployment mode. It supports MySQL and PostgreSQL protocols and functions, and is highly compatible with Oracle syntax and common functions. By adopting technologies such as computing storage separation, distributed parallel computing and IO link optimization, it can provide a throughput of 1 million QPS and ensure the high performance of the database. Based on the common PC server, through data compression, shared storage and other technologies, it provides enterprises with low-cost database services.

At present, DragonBase product has excellent comprehensive performance. It has been applied to many fields such as games, mobile applications, artificial intelligence, audio and video; has served important customers such as Xiaomi, Cheetah Mobile, Kingsoft Office and Lele Qihang; and is highly praised by users.