How will Kingsoft Cloud respond to the technical problems behind short video?


Kingsoft Cloud Short Video Solution Architecture Diagram

Let us first look at the current difficulties in the short video industry, which focus on three aspects: high cost, technical barriers, and user experience.

1. High Cost

Infrastructure costs: Bandwidth spent 80% of infrastructure costs.

Operating costs: high cost, low efficiency and accuracy of content review. It is easy to enter the short video industry, and the quality of the content is uneven. Some people seek benefits by spreading the content of the legal gray area, making network security a long-term pain point for content operation.

Access cost: The competition in the short video product market is fierce, efficiency is life, and everyone needs to quickly seize users.

Opportunity Cost: Needs quick trial and error and requires extensive industry experience.

2. Technical Barriers

The short video full link includes many links: shooting, editing, synthesizing, uploading, storing, transcoding, porn identifying, distribution, playback, and monitoring. For small-scale needs, you can piece together a temporary simple small-scale solution.

But with the rapid growth of user visits, there are challenges in performance, availability, sudden hotspots, and frequent iterations of services: high availability is required under massive requests, and a good user experience need to be provided at relatively low cost. It is very difficult to make the business bigger, stronger, and better. Also, non-professional video cloud companies cannot have the full-link capability.

In pursuit of the ultimate user experience, we need to solve many problems in the details: audio and video capture, codec, audio and video processing, playback, storage, content distribution, operation monitoring, data statistics and so on. In response to the compatibility of hardware devices, the complexity of network conditions, and the unpredictability of short bursts of video hotspots, there are many problems in the processing details of each link. For example, in the case of a weak network, how to upload? How to choose the carrier link during the peak period?

3. User Experience

The short video duration is short, there is high demand for the first screen, and low tolerance to the lag rate: short videos don't have ads like long videos to help buffer in advance, that their buffers are relatively small. The first 30 seconds of playback experience largely determines whether the user will watch the video completely. The network complexity and the peak video viewing period are relatively concentrated, resulting in a long time of the first screen and a high lag rate, which seriously affects the viewing experience.

Users who watch information-based, hot-spot short videos pursue timeliness, and have high requirements for uploading and transcoding speeds.

The content format is diversified, resulting in a high playback failure rate, affecting the user experience: it is necessary to improve the compatibility of the transcoding format and the robustness of the player decoding to correspond to various complex videos, and reduce the playback failure rate.

When selecting a CDN vendor, the short video app needs to focus on availability, node placement, link status, back to origin volume, resource redundancy, link status at night peaks, and whether the multimedia is optimized separately, etc., to assess its reliability.

Difficulties are right there, and the video cloud service provider solves them like this

As the cloud service provider of short video giants such as Kuaishou, Toutiao, Miaopai, Meipai, Yidianzixun, etc., Kingsoft Cloud's full-link short video solution including links such as uploading, video editing synthesis, transcoding, content security, distribution, and playback, which all have experienced the test of short video head customers, and have unique ways to solve problems.

KSC265: The first H.265 commercial solution allows your company to significantly drive down cost

KSC265 is a professional video codec solution: through the end-network-end, in the video synthesis compression, server-side transcoding, CDN distribution, playback to solve the image quality, bandwidth and power consumption issues.

The KSC265 coding efficiency on the mobile side has an absolute advantage: it is doubled faster than the open source OpenHEVC decoding speed. Using powerful mobile processing capabilities can reduce server stress, also can optimize processing efficiency for low-end models. It helps to solve the problem of compression ratio and image quality trade-off, reduces the bandwidth cost by 30-50% under the same image quality, and the smaller file size results in a significant increase in upload success rate.

KSC265 continues to reduce bandwidth through technology innovation: solving the pain of cost, helping short video services stand out in a high-intensity competitive environment.

SDK: Experience business test of tens of millions DAU

Network optimization, multiple uploading strategies including: network active detection, nearby node uploading, pass-through upload saves resolution time consumption, avoiding domain name resolution errors and hijacking, etc., multiple uploading strategies such as fragmentation and breakpoint retransmission.

The pursuit of extremes in compatibility, stability and performance: compatible with thousands of models, excellent performance and low power consumption, the crash rate is less than 0.1%, and the first screen time is less than 1 second. It provides dynamic rate adaptation, intelligent caching strategy, decoding robustness, and guarantees the playback experience of various complex network links.

High ease of use and low access cost: Open SDK architecture, the modules are flexible, the integration is convenient, and it is easy to use.

CDN: Years of experience in serving short video head customers

Technology-driven innovation: continuous cost reduction, KSC265, CDN+P2P continuous performance optimization, and perceptual coding automatically match the optimal codec strategy.

Optimized for the business: high-performance SSD, intelligent discovery and automatic diffusion for short video hotspots to deal with sudden hotspots and hotspot rotation scenes, provides professional optimization for video content. One-button to quickly ban URL illegal content, anti-leech, playing encryption, and protecting copyrighted content.

High quality and strong sense of service: anti-attack, lag rate is less than 0.5%, excellent download speed (related to the player's caching strategy, different download speeds of each APP, the average is not descriptive). The big data analysis system provides accurate service quality monitoring (first screen time, slow speed, error rate) and statistics, and the data is open and transparent, making it easy for APP to make distribution decisions for different CDN vendors.

Strong resource capability and precise scheduling: The globe's top core server rooms and nearly a thousand high-quality nodes to conduct accelerate uploading and distribution, 10Tbps bandwidth of the whole network, rich coverage of small operators (Small operators speed up 20%), accurate scheduling at the provincial, carrier, and city levels, multi-line upper layer to solve the back to origin link, guarantee the user's viewing experience.

In summary, the short video full link involves multiple links, and the service scenario is complicated. Only a video cloud service provider with an end-network-end full-link solution can provide better services for short video business and withstand the test of short video burst growth.