Kingsoft Cloud and Akamai Enters into Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Beijing - November 8, 2019 - Kingsoft Cloud, one of China's biggest cloud service providers, and Akamai Technologies (NASDAQ: AKAM), the intelligent edge platform for securing and delivering digital experiences, today signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly promote and accelerate the globalization of Chinese Internet enterprises both locally and internationally.

Foreign Companies to Enter China’s $140 Billion Worth of Internet of Things Market with Kingsoft Cloud

National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) held the first EdgeNext Summit in New York, and enterprises like world-renowned cloud service providers AWS, Citrix and Kingsoft Cloud, the global telecommunications giant Ciena, and the well-known CDN manufacturer Limelight are invited to discuss the global opportunities and challenges brought about after edge computing breaks through technical barriers.

Kingsoft Cloud Introduces Its Third-Generation Cloud Server Covering Computing Power Needs of Various Enterprises

Recently, Kingsoft Cloud has officially launched the third-generation cloud server based on the brand new Intel Xeon Skylake Xeon® processor. The overall performance is 40% higher than the previous generation with the highest TB (turbo boost) reaching 4.2 GHz and the maximum network packet transmission capacity hitting 2 million PPS (packet per second), providing users a faster computing service with the more stable network and efficient storage.

Kingsoft Cloud KSC265 Wins the World Video Encoder Competition Again

In the World Video Encoder Competition hosted by Moscow State University on September 5, Kingsoft HEVC Encoder won the first place in terms of the video signal Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio (PSNR), the most valued indicator in the video coding academic circle. This is the second time after Kingsoft Video Cloud KSC265 won the first prize in this competition in 2016, which fully demonstrates Kingsoft Video Cloud’s abundant technological accumulation and a leading position in the industry.

Kingsoft Cloud Launches World’s First H5-based KSC265 Decoding Project

Unlike recorded on-demand videos, live streaming requires the player to acquire and play real-time streaming videos. It is known that, at present, technologies involved in the acceleration of live streaming mainly include CDN, P2P and H.265. For CDN and P2P, the consumption of bandwidth should be reduced without doubt. For H.265, although it’s been popularized on a large scale on mobile phones, it hasn’t had a uniform standard on PCs. Most CDN manufacturers have expressed support for H.265 in their advertisement, but few have a complete solution.

Kingsoft Cloud Helps Beijing Build China’s Biggest Government Cloud and Become a Role Model of “Smart Cities”

In the Announcement of Results of the 2018 Procurement Project over City-level Government Clouds (Cloud Service Providers) recently issued by Beijing Government Procurement Center, Kingsoft Cloud won the bidding and was short-listed into the procurement list of Beijing’s city-level Government Cloud for the future three years, gaining the qualification for providing Beijing’s city-level Government Cloud services.