Kingsoft Cloud Launches World’s First H5-based KSC265 Decoding Project

Unlike recorded on-demand videos, live streaming requires the player to acquire and play real-time streaming videos. It is known that, at present, technologies involved in the acceleration of live streaming mainly include CDN, P2P and H.265. For CDN and P2P, the consumption of bandwidth should be reduced without doubt. For H.265, although it’s been popularized on a large scale on mobile phones, it hasn’t had a uniform standard on PCs. Most CDN manufacturers have expressed support for H.265 in their advertisement, but few have a complete solution.

Kingsoft Cloud Helps Beijing Build China’s Biggest Government Cloud and Become a Role Model of “Smart Cities”

In the Announcement of Results of the 2018 Procurement Project over City-level Government Clouds (Cloud Service Providers) recently issued by Beijing Government Procurement Center, Kingsoft Cloud won the bidding and was short-listed into the procurement list of Beijing’s city-level Government Cloud for the future three years, gaining the qualification for providing Beijing’s city-level Government Cloud services.

Kingsoft Cloud- China's top CDN and cloud provider

Marketsand Markets reported that by 2019, the whole world’s CDN market value will reach to 121 billion USD, and over 50% of internet traffic will be accelerated by CDN. In China, with the growth of mobile live streaming and short videos, CDN is facing an even bigger market growth and will keep growing at an exponential rate.

Kingsoft Image Enhancement Product, creating the ultimate visual experience through AI

Advances in technology will further stimulate people's enthusiasm for high-definition picture quality. However, high-resolution technology still faces many problems in order to be widely used. In order to solve the contradiction between high-definition experience and high cost, Kingsoft Cloud launched KIE (Kingsoft Image Enhancement) based on AI technology, which is applied to mobile end or picture transmission and can be able to bring users ultra-clear image viewing experience.

Make cloud data analysis more valuable

Working closely with Intel, Kingsoft Cloud has optimized its data center infrastructure and created differentiated cloud analysis services. With KMR (Kingsoft MapReduce), it has won many new customers in the medical services, e-commerce and gaming industries. Despite the fierce competition, the new service will help to retain existing customers and add powerful analytics to their existing data platforms.

Kingsoft Cloud announces the release of IPv6 deployment

This past May the Chinese MIIT announced the <Internet Protocol Advancement Agreement on IPv6 scale deployment action plan> (ie:Action Plan). 50% of cloud providers are expected to modify their existing cloud products to meet these IPV6 needs by the end of 2018. There will be  over 50 million users on IPv6. Even before this Action Plan was ISO, Kingsoft Cloud already was building for the adaptation of using IPv6.