Three Main Points Behind Mobile Streaming

There are three major challenges that mobile streaming is facing: first, live streaming now mainly revolves around popular apps such as Hua Jiao, MoMo and Yingke, increasing the number of popular bloggers and followers that are using this brings even more competition between products, content and app operations. Second, with the rise of live streaming technology, users are demanding more high quality and high resolution symmetrical playing experience. Third, with the rise of streaming users, bandwidth costs are rising and hence the streaming platforms are facing even more financial pressure to deliver to a greater audience.

The Design of Kingsoft Cloud VPC Infrastructure

It has been a long challenge for Chinese internet companies and infrastructures providers to provide users the best network and connectivity, whether it’s across China or across telecom carriers internationally. A common problem for all the big cloud providers in China.。Kingsoft Cloud has overcome this obstacle by creating unity among region division using the fastest and redundant connectivity to greatly improve offsite deployment. 

Kingsoft Cloud Joins the Alliance for Open Media

BEIJING, China-- [July, 2018] – Kingsoft Cloud, one of the world's leading cloud computing service providers, today announced that it has joined the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia) as a Promoter member. AOMedia is a non-profit organization formed by the world's best-known leaders in video with the aim to define and develop media technologies that address the need for an open standard for video compression and delivery over the web.

How will Kingsoft Cloud CDN HTTPS protect data security?

One day, you might discover that all your data and browsing history running naked on the streets of Western Europe. This means your login passwords, private personal information, cell phone, social security numbers have been stolen. Kingsoft Cloud continues to improve the customer experiences for security, cost and functionality of the HTTPS services.

Deciphering Kingsoft Cloud KSC265 - Good News for the Short Video Industry

Speaking of business characteristics, short video service has high cost requirements for players, such as R&D investment costs, professional technical talent costs, time costs, and bandwidth costs. In terms of technology, there are various problems affecting the user experience such as massive storage content, difficulty in content review, video lag, poor image quality, slow opening speed, and playback errors.

Odaily news – The future of Blockchain based games and its underlying infrastructure

Many companies have entered into blockchain based gaming as it appears to be one of the best application scenario for blockchain growth. Kingsoft Cloud is one of these companies leading the charge. Even if Blockchain is still in the early stages for gaming there needs to be quality product design, quality projects and incubation services. Growth in Games with blockchain can lead to the next UNICORN.

Kingsoft Cloud Releases Blockchain Game Whole Ecology "Project-X"

On June 3rd, Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Etherum arrived and shared the popular "blockchain-based" topic in China. Well known as the "God of Ethereum", he talked about the blockchain technology application. He moved the focus point to the gaming industry. Simultaneously, Kingsoft's cloud officially announced the release of the full ecosystem of blockchain gaming with KingSoft Cloud.