A GPU server based on NVIDIA Tesla V100 

The rapid development of AI technology places higher and more stringent requirements on computing power. Based on a deep understanding of the demands of users, Kingsoft Cloud officially launched a GPU server based on NVIDIA Tesla V100 recently, which supports single-precision floating-point up to 15*8 TFLOPS and 125*8TFLOPS mixed precision (FP16/FP32) matrix computing capabilities that increase the performance of deep learning training and reasoning processesby 300%, while the cost remains the same.

Infrastructure and Storage Resources

We are keeping on growing fast in China.

Hello, World!

Greeting from Kingsoft Cloud! As one of the top 3 cloud computing companies in China, we are excited to announce our global expansion with a new office in the US! Kingsoft Cloud first entered the cloud computing business in 2012 and have been experiencing rapid growth. As China's largest cloud storage provider, we are currently serving more than 150,000 enterprise users who rely on our technology and scale for their business critical applications. In addition to opening our office in California, we are also continuing to increase our global presence by aggressively expanding our global infrastructure to extend the same industry leading service to our users around the world. While we are currently offering CDN service outside of China, more products and features will be launched in the near future, please stay tuned for further updates.