Content Delivery Network

Kingsoft Content Delivery Network (KCDN for short) is a distributed network consisting of server clusters of edge nodes distributed in different regions, which distributes user content to edge nodes, effectively resolves the congestion of Internet network, and improves the response speed of users to visit the website and the availability of the website. KCDN provides audio and video on demand, large and small file download and live streaming acceleration services.
Content Delivery Network


High Quality Resources
Global network coverage, overall coverage of China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, Education Network, Science and Technology Network, Dr. Peng, Tietong, Broadcasting and Television, with a large number of high-quality resources in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
Intelligent Scheduling
Support multi-dimensional scheduling strategy, with accurate bandwidth prediction to realize cross-operator, cross-region, minimum granularity real-time dynamic resource scheduling.
Cloud Monitoring
Covering 300,000 monitoring nodes of all operators worldwide to ensure real-time quality of service.
Big Data Analysis
Full-link real-time log acquisition and analysis, real-time link optimization, which can assist customer business analysis.
Simple and Easy
Perfect openAPI system, self-service configuration management, rich report statistics.
Safety Protection
Enterprise-level DDOS protection and CC protection, which can effectively protect your business from DDOS attack and CC attack.


Self-service Configuration
Through the self-service console, users can add, delete, change and query the acceleration domain, also they can configure the edge node cache strategy, anti-theft chain, cache optimization, video optimization, and so on.
Content Management
Provide functions such as purging, preheating, shielding, consistency check, domain ban to ensure that users get the latest content, effectively reduce the pressure on origin.
Log Management
Provide standard and customized logs, self-service log management, and provide detailed access logs to provide a basis for user service statistics and data analysis.
Statistical Analysis
Provide a wealth of business statistics analysis, convenient statistical report downloading, which includes multi-dimensional statistical analysis information such as bandwidth, traffic, access number, hit rate, status code, etc.
Precise scheduling
Provide DNS resolution, central 302 scheduling, edge 302 scheduling, Httpdns service, and self-owned intelligent GSLB scheduling system to accurately schedule user requests to optimal nodes.

User Cases