Kingsoft Distributed Relational Database Service

Kingsoft Distributed Relational Database Service (KDRDS) is a distributed relational database compatible with MySQL. It effectively solves the problem of smooth database expansion, and provides functions such as read-write splitting and smooth upscaling. KDRDS is flexible, concise and efficient, and stable for large-scale data operation scenarios.
Kingsoft Distributed Relational Database Service


Expand as needed
Flexible configuration adjustment
Secure and Reliable
Provides security group and account permission management
Cleanly designed and easy to use
Compatible with MySQL syntax
Stability and Efficiency
Multi-node load balancing
Read/write splitting


Database and Table Separation
Horizontal split of tables based on OLTP features; improving throughput by concurrent processing.
Read/Write Splitting
Improves read performance by adding RR instances and supports dynamic adjustment of RR instances.
Smooth Upscaling
Provides scale-out and scale-up capabilities to meet the growing service needs.
Highly Compatible
Compatible with MySQL syntax to provide seamless database access and migration solutions.