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Instance Fee     

Kingsoft Standard Storage Service bills in 3 billing models: data storage, data transfer, and number of requests. If you choose the Infrequent Access Storage Service, there will be data retrieval fee and delete less than 30-days fee. Billing will reflect actual usage by default.

Billing item: Storage Fee + Data Transfer Fee + API Request Fee + Data Retrieval Fee

  1. Storage Fee Rules

    Charged according to the storage space occupied by the user. Currently, the default is paid by the volume the user used. Pay-by-volume has its own fixed billing method. The minimum storage period for infrequent access storage is 30 days. For Object that is deleted less than 30 days, you need to replenish the storage cost for the remaining days in the month.

  2. Data Transfer Fee Rules

    Charged based on how much downstream traffic (including the back to origin traffic) you use. The upstream traffic and traffic accessed through the intranet are free.

  3. API Request Fee Rules

    Charged based on the times you call the API of Kingsoft Standard Storage Service. Current model supported pay-by-volume method. The minimum charge unit of the number of requests is 10,000, and the billing period is calendar month.

  4. Data Retrieval Fee Rules

    Charges based on the size of the Object you download from the infrequent access storage. It does not matter whether it is accessed through the intranet or external network.


1. Space Fee

Standard Storage (USD/Month) Infrequent Access Storage (USD/Month)
0.024/GB 0.012/GB


For the user's storage volume, we use the calendar month as a billing cycle progressively charge according to the fixed unit price. For instance, if a user's storage capacity of the first day in a certain month (30 days) is 60TB, and the storage capacity of the next day is 100TB; then, as of the 2nd day of the month, the total cost of storage equals to the storage fee of the 1st day of the month plus the storage fee of the 2nd day of the month.

That is:

Standard storage fee in the 1st day = 60 * 1024 * 0.024 / 30 = $49.152; Standard storage fee in the 2nd day = 100 * 1024 * 0.024 /30 = $81.92   

The daily expenses for the month are calculated according to this logic. After the end of the month, the accumulated storage bills for the 30 days of the month will be provided for the user.

2. Data Transfer Fee

Standard Storage (USD) Infrequent Access Storage (USD)
0.06/GB 0.06/GB


For outbound traffic, we use the calendar month as a billing cycle based on fixed unit price. For example, a user consumes 300TB traffic in a month, then the monthly cost should be: 300*1024*0.06 = $18432

3. Request Fee

Request Method Price (USD)
Standard Storage PUT/COPY/POST/LIST 0.0015/10,000 Requests
Infrequent Access Storage PUT/COPY/POST/LIST2 0.0015/10,000 Requests


Example: a user accesses to the standard storage, if the number of PUT requests is 10,000, the GET requests is 10,000, and the DELETE requests is 10,000 in one calendar month, then the total cost of the current month should be: 0.0015 + 0.0015 + 0.0015 = $0.0045

4. Data Retrieval Fee

Price (USD)
Standard Storage
Infrequent Access Storage 0.006/GB


If a user downloads 100 files from the infrequent access storage, and each file is 100GB, then the total cost of data retrieval should be: 100 * 100 * 0.006 = $60