Elastic Block Storage

Elastic Block Storage(EBS) is a block-level data storage service provided for Kingsoft Elastic Compute instances that can be connected to any running KEC instance in the same data center. EBS3.0 features high availability, highreliability, flexibility, ease of use, and supports advanced features such as snapshots and custom images.
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Massive Storage

Each KEC instance supports up to 8 EBS disks, and the capacity of a single EBS disk drive is up to 32TB.

Multiple Types

Support ordinary cloud disks, high efficiency cloud disks and SSD cloud disks. These types of disks can meet different I/O performance requirements.

High Reliability

Three-copy storage mechanism that provides 99.9999999% data reliability.

Performance Guarantee

An SSD cloud disk provides 30 random IOPS per GB. A single disk supports up to 25,000 IOPS and 256 Mbps throughput. The latency is less than 2ms.

Data Backup

Support local snapshot and normal snapshot, reduce the risk of data loss through snapshot backup.


Create Quickly

One-click creation and purchase of KEC + EBS.

Flexible Expansion

Respond to different needs, and support the addition, deletion and capacity expansion of cloud disks at any time.

Easy Management

Provide various block storage management methods, including Web console, OpenAPI, and CLI.


Prevent data loss due to accidental deletions, tampering, and virus attacks.


Corporate office application

Development and testing

NoSQL/relational database

Corporate office application

CRM, OA, Email, etc.

Corporate office application

EBS is loosely coupled with the cloud host for fast online and offline migration and service failure recovery. EBS offers a complete set of data backup, snapshot and data recovery capabilities; it is suitable for high-load core business-critical systems, and can meet the need of enterprises for elastic and reliable large-capacity block storage.

Development and testing

Deploy the development and testing application.

Development and testing

Deploy the development and test application. General IO cloud drive is recommended to meet the development, test, deployment, operation and maintenance demands.

NoSQL/relational database

Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, etc.

NoSQL/relational database

With high-performance NVME SSD and distributed architecture, EBS provides ultra-high performance and high reliability for the database application to meet the demand for low latency and high performance.

Product Iteration


Complete Deletion

Cloud Disk Deletion Supports Complete Deletion
New Features

System Disk Snapshot Creating Data Disk

System Disk Snapshot Supports The Creation of Data Disks
New Features

SSD3.0 Cloud Disk Launched in Russia-Available Zone A

Russia-Available Zone A Supports The Purchase of SSD3.0 Cloud Disk
New Zones/Regions

The Newly Purchased Cloud Disk Supports Automatic Mounting

You Can Select A KEC to Mount When Creating A Cloud Disk
New Features

Cloud Disk Can Be Mounted to The EPC

EPC Supports Mounting Cloud Disk
New Features

Support Large Capacity Cloud Disk

Maximum Single Disk Capacity Increased to 32T
New Features

General Snapshot

The Snapshot Is Backed up to The KS3 Cluster
New Features

Local Snapshpt

The Snapshot Is Saved Locally in The EBS Cluster
New Features