GPU Elastic Physical Compute

GPU Elastic Physical Compute (GEPC) provides exclusive GPU-accelerated bare metal servers with extraordinary performance. GEPC is suitable for scenarios such as scientific computing, AI deep learning, graphic and image rendering, and GPU-based audio or video encoding and decoding. GEPC supports Kingsoft Cloud VPC. GEPC provides stable, efficient computing services, and convenient management features.
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Exclusive Leased Servers

GEPC provides a variety of packages for different GPU models. GEPC provides bare metal servers that feature zero performance loss and meet your needs for high performance in various scenarios.

Easy to Use

GEPC follows the operation and management modes same as Kingsoft Cloud Elastic Physical Compute (EPC). This obviates the need for additional learning.

Secure and Efficient

GEPC allows you to keep track of resource usage anytime. It also supports real-time O&M and physical isolation of resources of different users to ensure data security.


GEPC saves you the hassle of hardware procurement, O&M, and frequent upgrades to effectively lower your investment costs. GEPC supports the Subscription and Pay-By-Daily-Config billing modes. You can select the billing mode that suits your needs.

Powerful Computing

GEPC leverages the robust parallel computing power and high data throughput of GPUs to boost the performance of applications for large-scale computing, complex AI-based computing, and video or image processing.

Diverse Service Modes

GEPC supports two service modes: server leasing and managed instance. You can flexibly customize and scale resources.


Flexible Configurations

GEPC provides a variety of instance types and allows you to customize various configurations such as the RAID level and NIC bonding. You can purchase resources on demand and pay for actual usage. GEPC adopts a disaster recovery architecture that deploys resources across multiple data centers. All hardware is purchased from first-class manufacturers to ensure high reliability.

Web-based Management

GEPC provides a web console that you can use to start, stop, and restart instances, and perform operations such as reinstalling the operating system.

VPC Support

GEPC provides native support for Kingsoft Cloud VPC. This allows you to flexibly plan the network for your GEPC instances and conveniently use resources in a VPC.

Custom Images

You can create a custom image based on an image provided by Kingsoft Cloud, and then use the custom image to create a GEPC instance.

Out-of-Band Management

You can remotely maintain instances by using the out-of-band management system if the data network fails or the instances are down.

Statistics and Alarming

GEPC supports monitoring of metrics such as CPU utilization, GPU utilization, disk performance, and network traffic in real time. This allows you to visualize your business loads. You can also configure threshold-triggered alarms to keep track of business changes.

Security Protection

GEPC provides security services such as DDoS protection, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, web page Trojan detection, login protection, and host security protection, and supports login by using SSH keys.

Product Updates


Tesla V100 Adopted

Tesla V100-based GEPC is released.
New Features

CUDA Image Optimization

The images pre-installed with CUDA are optimized.
Experience Enhancements

Tesla T4 Adopted

Tesla T4-based GEPC is released.
New Features

Product Comparison

Self-built GPU Bare Metal Server
Various instance types that can be created within minutes
Select the instance type that best suits your scenario
Create a GEPC instance in the same way that you create an EPC instance
Fixed server configurations that cannot meet changing requirements
Latest hardware and better performance
Up to 120 single-precision TFLOPS provided by a single instance
20 Gbit/s high-performance VPC network
100 Gbit/s RoCE v2 network with low latency
Non-professional server configuration that cannot maximize hardware resources
Ready right out of the box and rapid deployment
Same operation and management modes as KEC
Seamless integration with Kingsoft Cloud KEC, EPC, SLB, and KS3, with traffic over the internal network free of charge
One-click CUDA installation
Update business topology anytime
Network planning required before server deployment, and manual CUDA installation Manual deployment of other services such as database, storage, and network services, making it difficult to cope with business changes
All-around protection with professional support
VPC for user isolation
Security groups and ACLs for business isolation
Professional security protection of Kingsoft Cloud
Shared resources among businesses without data isolation
Separately purchased security services
Purchase on demand to save costs
No need to buy servers, freeing up funds
High investment cost
High ownership cost
High IT maintenance cost