GPU Elastic Physical Compute

GPU Elastic Physical Compute provides general-purpose GPU-accelerated computing based on bare metal. It provides you with an exclusive GPU physical server with superior performance for scientific computing, deep learning, graphics and image rendering, audio and video encoding, and other GPU-based application scenarios. In addition to delivering stable, fast and flexible computing services, GPU physical servers also support VPC networks and unified management with other physical servers.


Exclusive Physical Machine Rental

Kingsoft Cloud offers a variety of packages for different GPU models, available in bare metal form with no performance loss to meet your high-performance needs.

Easy to Use

You can operate and manage GPU Elastic Physical Compute instances consistently with EPC instances without additional learning.

Safe and Efficient

Cloud monitoring provides overall usage information for GPU and other cloud resources; instant operation and maintenance of resources can isolate different users to effectively ensure data security.


GPU updates are fast, and GPU Elastic Physical Compute eliminates the cost pressure of frequent hardware upgrades. GPU Elastic Physical Compute supports prepaid, postpaid, and instant settlement; you can select the appropriate billing mode as needed.


Quick Creation

One-click creation and hundreds of servers open in minutes.

Web Instance Management

The whole cycle management to instances of GPU Elastic Physical Compute, such as creation, view, renewal, on-off and monitoring, can be realized through the Web console.

VPC Support

Native support for VPC networks; provide flexible network planning and convenient access to the resources located in different VPCs.

User-Defined Image

Support user-defined images and use of these images to create GPUVM instances.

Out-of-Band Management

Support out-of-band management of physical server instances to deal with system software failures and other scenarios.

Custom Monitoring and Alerting

Customize monitoring metrics and alert settings to quickly respond to service changes.

User-Defined Monitoring Statistics

Real-time instance monitoring supports customization and provides detailed information about service load.