Kingsoft Cloud Dedicated Host

Kingsoft Cloud Dedicated Host (KDH) provides users with exclusive physical servers to create customized dedicated cloud elastic compute. KDH can meet the requirements of exclusive resources, security and compliance by applying leading virtualization technology.



Provide you with exclusive host resources to plan the allocation of computing and storage resource pool autonomously and get a unified view of resource usage.


Plan the configuration of the dedicated KEC instances autonomously, and create and delete the dedicated server resources flexibly at any time.


Ensure the physical isolation of your resources from other tenants, to protect your data of sensitive business and meet the strict supervision requirements in financial and other industries.


Provide one-stop online purchase and use of the KDH service and help you reduce the cost of physical servers and investment in server room operation and maintenance.


Provide compatibility with KEC, image, snapshot, security group and other functions.


Typical application scenario

It is suitable for the business scenario such as the finance, gaming, image rendering, etc. which requires higher security and stand-alone performance.

Cloud migration suggestion

KDH is a dedicated physical server of the user, featuring controllable performance, exclusive resource and physical resource isolation. It can be interconnected with other cloud resources under the same account, such as the database and Server Load Balancing (SLB), helping you create secure, compliant and efficient solution easily.