Kingsoft Cloud Edge Node Computing

Kingsoft Cloud Edge Node Computing (KENC) is a distributed edge resource pool based on Kingsoft Cloud and Operator Edge Nodes. Kingsoft Cloud KENC makes full use of the capacity of Kingsoft Cloud's resource reserve and scheduling management in the Edge Network to provide customers with efficient, stable, and cost-effective computing and network services through Edge Nodes to reduce customer access delays and costs, and gradually guide the integration of more Industry applications.


Complete coverage

A large number of edge nodes are newly built and reused, covering most regions and operators in China and ensuring high-speed and low-latency for end-users from the infrastructure level.


It has leading resource refinement operation capabilities in the industry, and provides customers with better resources under the same conditions of expenditure by a variety of peak offset hedging methods to operation resources properly.

General environment

K8S universal access environment and API are provided to meet the needs of rapid deployment and centralized management of containers, and performance optimization is performed for scenarios such as Large Bandwidth / High Computing Power.

Stable and reliable

It has highly available, high load, and fault-tolerant Edge Computing Support Platform. From R & D design to system maintenance, stable service and reliable business are given the highest priority.


Easy to use

It creates and manages edge node K8S services through the Web Console and API, reducing usage and migration costs of users.

Centralized management

Centralized monitoring , statistics and management of container resources of multiple Edge Nodes are made, which is flexibly deployed and easily managed .

Strengthen the network

It can optimize the network quality and bearing capacity of Edge Nodes, and the standard container network.

Calculation optimization

It can optimize computing resources for the strong computing needs of edge applications, and provide customized hardware computing solutions.

Container scheduling

According to the types of container, it supports cross-regional scheduling and fully automatic control scheduling, that two ways can meet the needs of different customers.

Images repository

It can provide centralized management but accelerated distribution of image repository services, which is faster and more stable than public network repository.

Safety isolation

From user rights to the operating environment, from access to data flow, all have the function of security isolation.

Online support

Through smooth migration of LB, single-point grayscale, and version control, the online deployment and migration of services are more stable and simpler.


Client virtualization

Live optimization

IOT computing power enhanced

Client virtualization

In various virtualization scenarios of clients, KENC provides sufficient computing power and stable network resource support.

Scenario example

Applications such as Cloud Games and VR can put the client's computing load on the edge and send video signals to the client, taking the client as the player and controller.

Solve the problem

It can avoid hardware configuration and mobile client power issues in a short term, and bypass of local software environment restrictions in long term, so that the software's operating status is completely known and controlled by the manufacturer. In the end, a single APP (puts all apps in one) can be implemented to make the Client Ecosystem even more colorful.

Live optimization

With users being critical of live broadcast quality and cost, live broadcast optimization is imperative.

Scenario description

KENC provides access guarantee equivalent to the live CDN, and with more flexible and autonomous task processing methods, and it helps customers to achieve a variety of scenarios such as low-latency live broadcast, weak network interconnection live broadcast, low-frequency live broadcast in the same city, and cold stream live broadcast.

Functional support

Edge nodes can perform nearby near-network transmission of weak networks such as ingestion, confluence, and retransmission. Their powerful computing capabilities can complete multiple types of media processing operations such as trans-coding, rendering, auditing, and statistics. In the end, it provides customers with a smooth and economical live broadcast service.

IOT computing power enhanced

Under tight budgetary control, the computing power of IOT equipment is always insufficient and not flexible enough.

Scenario description

IOT equipment is limited by cost and power consumption, operating life, and excessive instantaneous parallel load, etc. Some computing tasks need to be moved up. Most IOT devices do not have the X86 general-purpose computing environment, and the development of business processing models is difficult; IOT devices are strongly related to production and life, and need to try their best to get rid of the heavy dependence on the WAN server.


Edge computing can provide an IOT service carrying platform with upgraded computing power, simple environment, and near-net availability, allowing IOT devices to focus more on sensors and display tools, update computing capabilities in real time, and maintain longer service life and more stable service quality.