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Kingsoft Cloud Host Security (KHS) is a security service jointly developed by Kingsoft Cloud and Safedog to protect servers and websites. Through the collaboration between the KHS agent and the KHS service, security data can be synchronized in real time to support features such as login permission detection, backdoor attack detection, patch upgrade, brute-force attack defense, and website threat detection.
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Proactive Defense

The proactive defense engine defends against various script attacks in real time.

Multiple Anti-virus Engines

KHS is integrated with the anti-virus engines developed by Kingsoft Cloud and other mainstream anti-virus software vendors. It can accurately detect and remove various webpage Trojans and mainstream viruses.

Resource Saving

The KHS server and agent collaboration architecture minimizes the use of host resources.


Login Permission Detection

KHS detects server and database logins, and triggers alerts for remote logins or logins with a weak password.

Webshell Attack Detection

KHS detects webshell attacks and viruses on servers.

System Patch Upgrade

KHS detects high-risk vulnerabilities on servers and automatically upgrades patches.

Brute-force Attack Defense

KHS effectively defends against RDP and FTP brute-force attacks, and allows you to customize protection configurations.

Website Threat Detection

KHS detects SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks in real time, proactively blocks webshell uploads, and defends against CC attacks.

Operating System Support

KHS can run on Windows and Linux.


Server Security

Based on years of expertise in the security field, Kingsoft Cloud developed the KHS agent with other professional security vendors to help users solve various server security issues regarding accounts (brute-force attacks and unauthorized logins), websites (website threats), and servers (webshell attacks and system vulnerabilities).

Accurate Defense

The KHS agent can accurately detect and remove various webpage Trojans and mainstream viruses, and the proactive defense engine can defend against various script attacks in real time.

Synchronization with KHS

The KHS agent synchronizes data with KHS to detect and fix high-risk system vulnerabilities in real time. The integration of the KHS agent with KHS minimizes the use of host resources.

Product Updates


KHS Launched

KHS is launched.
New Releases

New Console Launched

The new version of the console is available.
Experience Enhancements

Automatic Agent Upgrade Supported

KHS agents can be automatically upgraded online.
New Features

All Regions Outside China Supported

KHS can be deployed in all data centers outside China.
New Zones/Regions