Kingsoft Cloud Host Security

Kingsoft Cloud Host Security (KHS) is a security service jointly developed by Kingsoft Cloud and Safedog to protect servers and websites. Through the collaboration between the KHS agent and the KHS service, security data can be synchronized in real time to support features such as login permission detection, backdoor attack detection, patch upgrade, brute-force attack defense, and website threat detection.
Quick Start


Active Defense

The active defense engine defends against various scripting attacks in real time.

Multiple Antivirus Engines

KHS integrates the antivirus engines accumulated by Kingsoft and other mainstream antivirus software manufacturers in years to accurately detect and remove all kinds of web Trojans and mainstream viruses.

Resource Saving

The cloud-client combined architecture minimizes the occupancy of host resources.


Access Privilege Detection

KHS detects access to servers and databases and gives warnings in case of remote access or access with a weak password.

Rootkit Detection

KHS detects web shells and viruses on both the server and the local client.

Upgrade of System Patches

KHS detects high-risk vulnerabilities in servers and automatically upgrades the patches.

Protection of Violent Cracking

KHS effectively defends against remote desktop and FTP violent cracking. It supports user-defined defense configurations.

Website Threat Detection

KHS detects SQL injection and cross-site scripting attacks in real time. It actively blocks the uploading of web shells and defends against CC attacks.

Operating System Support

KHS can run on Windows and Linux.


Kingsoft Cloud Host Security

Full-Featured Server Security Client

Full Protection of Server Security

The Full-featured Server Security Client developed jointly by Kingsoft Cloud and professional security manufacturer, with years of security accumulations, can help to solve all kinds of server security issues for users from the three aspects including account (Brute Force, Access Privilege), web (website threat), server (Backdoor Program, system patch of windows). The security client can detect and kill all kinds of Webshell and main virus accurately, and can prevent attacks from all kinds of sc