Kingsoft Cloud Log Service

Kingsoft Cloud Log Service (KLog) is a one-stop service for managing log data. It provides a variety of features to help you improve operations and maintenance (O&M) efficiency. You can easily get started with KLog within five minutes and enjoy stable, reliable, and intelligent log services without worrying about resource scaling.
Quick Start


Extensive Features

KLog provides extensive features for users, such as log collection, storage, query, analysis, delivery, consumption, alarming, monitoring, and visual reports. These features cover all O&M and business operation scenarios related to log data.

Ease of Use and High Efficiency

KLog uses a serverless architecture. You do not need to worry about underlying resources or how it works. With KLog, you can construct a one-stop log analysis platform within five minutes, without any coding.

Low Cost

Compared with an on-premises log management system, KLog significantly reduces your investment in system development and O&M labor force. KLog supports the pay-as-you-go billing mode and resource packages and allows you to select a billing mode based on your business requirements.


Data Collection

KLog supports a variety of real-time data collection and transmission methods, such as agents, APIs, and SDKs. You do not need to edit the original data before you import the data to KLog.

Query and Analysis

KLog supports extensive query syntax and SQL queries that allow you to query and analyze log data as required. KLog features fast response and can return hundreds of millions of data records within seconds.

Monitoring and Alarming

KLog allows you to set fields in query results as monitoring metrics and define alarm rules for these metrics. KLog sends real-time alarm notifications to you by email and SMS.

Security and Reliability

KLog stores your log data in multiple replicas to ensure high data reliability. KLog provides comprehensive permission management to ensure data access security. KLog adopts a distributed storage architecture that is highly scalable.


O&M Management and Monitoring

Business Operations and Analysis

O&M Management and Monitoring

KLog collects log data of systems and devices in real time, and stores the log data in LogPools for centralized management. You can query logs about exceptions by keyword to find abnormal nodes. You can also configure alarm rules to monitor the system for exceptions in real time.

Ease of Use

Compared with an on-premises log management system based on Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK), KLog frees you from system development and O&M. You can configure log collection, query, and monitoring on a graphical user interface (GUI) without performing any coding.

High Real-time Performance

KLog immediately responds to system exceptions and generates alarms. It allows you to query and analyze logs to locate and resolve issues as soon as possible.

Business Operations and Analysis

KLog provides universal APIs and powerful collector agents to collect log data of different devices, and stores the log data in a centralized manner. KLog cleanses the raw data with its strong data processing capabilities, and supports queries and SQL analysis that allow you to perform custom statistics collection and analysis, such as operation activity analysis. KLog allows you to create visual dashboards on the trends of business metrics and configure alarm rules to monitor business changes in real time.

Full Business Link Coverage

KLog provides multi-terminal data collection, centralized data storage, processing, custom analysis, and visual data display to cover all business operation scenarios.

Low Barrier

KLog adopts a serverless architecture and allows you to define queries or SQL statements for business operation analysis without the need for coding. This greatly lowers the barrier for users.