Kingsoft Media Cloud Transcoder

Kingsoft Media Cloud Transcoder (KMCT) is a distributed service for transcoding multimedia data. It builds a video quality evaluation system based on the deep learning of massive multimedia data and provides intelligent, high-quality, and efficient media processing services with robust coding technologies.
Quick Start


Ultra-high Definition Transcoding

Uses the self-developed KSC265 codec technology to greatly improve the image quality without increasing the bitrate and bandwidth, creating better watching experience.

Ease of use

Provides clear and intelligible help documentation and comprehensive server API operations, enabling you to use KMCT with ease.

Ultra-high Definition Transcoding

Provides various video transcoding and value-added functions so that you can transcode, clip, take snapshots of, add watermarks for, and detect pornography in numerous files in one stop.

7 × 24 Heartfelt Support

Provides 7 × 24 heartfelt support to guarantee 99.9% high availability as per the Service Level Agreement (SLA).


VoD Transcoding

Supports transcoding audio and video files in different input or output formats to make them suitable for playback on different devices in various business scenarios.

Live Transcoding

Supports real-time live transcoding, multi-bitrate switching, sampling snapshots, and real-time watermarks to meet requirements of different scenarios such as interactive live streaming, mobile live streaming, and live game streaming.

Media Value-added Services

Provides diverse value-added services for audio and video processing, such as snapshots, watermarks, clipping, merging, and pornography detection, and supports designing live streaming and converting VoD files to live streams for loop.

Diverse Templates

Provides preset templates and custom templates to meet the transcoding requirements of different devices and encoding formats such as H.264 and H.265, and supports processing various tasks by using task flows.



Subtitle Embedding

Allows you to embed external subtitles into a video during VoD transcoding.
New Features

Adaptive Bitrate

Supports automatic bitrate switching during live transcoding.
New Features

100 Input Files for Loop

Increases the maximum number of input files from 25 to 100 for loop.
Experience Enhancements

DASH Standard

Supports the DASH format for the output files of VoD transcoding.
New Features


Improves the image quality without increasing the bitrate during live transcoding.
New Features


Improves the image quality by using H.265 encoding.
New Features

Asynchronous Callback for Loop

Supports asynchronous callbacks during loop.
New Features

Audio Merging

Supports merging audio files.
New Features

New Encoding Label

Adds labels in the metadata of transcoded streams to distinguish H.264/H.265 transcoding from KSHD transcoding.
New Features

Video DeLogo

Supports removing built-in logos in videos.
New Features


Mobile Live Streaming

Live Game Streaming

Video Website

Broadcasting and Television Media

Mobile Live Streaming

KMCT supports high-speed encoding and decoding based on H.265 and provides diverse functions that can be combined to support mobile live streaming.

Live Stream Recording

You can record live streams in real time for on-demand playback.

Live Streaming Snapshots

You can use snapshots as thumbnails or for the preview, content moderation, and pornography detection of live streaming.

Low Costs

The KSC265 technology used in KMCT can reduce the traffic cost by 30% to 50%.

Live Game Streaming

KMCT ensures the high quality of complicated images in live game streaming. It supports H.265-based live streaming and provides comprehensive functions such as real-time watermarks and loop.


You can play one or more VoD videos in loop mode during break time to sauce your live game streaming.

Real-time Watermarks

You can add or remove static or dynamic watermarks in real time during live game streaming.

High Image Quality

The KSC265 technology used in KMCT can improve the image quality of live game streaming with lower bandwidth.

Video Website

KMCT provides professional VoD services for video websites.

Customizable VoD Transcoding

KMCT provides custom transcoding templates so that you can transcode media files into different resolutions, bitrates, and frame rates.

Upload from Various Devices

You can upload videos from various devices.

Elastic Transcoding

KMCT provides a high-speed and stable parallel transcoding system, which allows you to seamlessly scale out resources to respond to high-concurrency transcoding tasks.

Broadcasting and Television Media

KMCT provides VoD and live transcoding services that comply with the technical specifications of the traditional broadcasting and television media.


You can record media files of various formats.


You can play VoD files of various formats.

Low Costs

The KSC265 technology used in KMCT can reduce the traffic cost by 30% for 2K and 4K videos.