Kingsoft Cloud Security Inspector

Kingsoft Cloud Security Inspector (KSI) scans servers and web services for vulnerabilities and provides solutions for high-risk ones if detected. It covers all common types of vulnerabilities and offers comprehensive and efficient third-party PoC detection services.
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Complete Approaches

KSI covers various vulnerabilities including OWASP and CNNVD and is embedded with thousands of detection approaches. The detection rules can be synchronized and upgraded in cloud.

Dynamic Crawling

The special intelligent crawler fully supports dynamic page crawling.

Comprehensive PoC Detection

KSI can detect thousands of PoC types, over 99% of which are of high risk.

High Concurrency

KSI supports million-level concurrency. It can be expanded based on business developments to suit the scale of user websites.

Zero Deployment Cost

KSI is free from deployment and can be started in one click. Users have no need to change the existing network architecture.

API Support

KSI can be seamlessly embedded to users’ development processes.


Intelligent Crawling

KSI fully supports Web 2.0 and can perfectly parse dynamic pages.

Website Fingerprint Recognition

KSI can identify hundreds of types of fingerprints relating to Webserver, applications, development frameworks and languages.

General Web Vulnerability Scanning

KSI fully covers OWASP and CNNVD vulnerabilities. Kingsoft Cloud’s security experts synchronize the rules in the cloud.

Server Vulnerability Detection

KSI can detect various common low-risk and high-risk server vulnerabilities such as information leakage, anonymous access, unauthorized access and buffer overflow.

Third-party Application Vulnerability Detection

KSI can rapidly identify the programs used for website building so as to identify and give warns against third-party application vulnerabilities.

Port Detection

KSI detects high-risk port services over targeted websites.


Server and website scanning

It covers various types of security vulnerabilities of OWASP and CNNVD, thousands of detection strategies, and up-to-date detection rules with cloud synchronization.

Comprehensive PoC detection

There are thousands of PoC detections, of which more than 99% are high-risk vulnerability PoC.


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