Kingsoft Cloud MongoDB provides enterprises and developers with document-based NoSQL database service that is 100% compatible with MongoDB. Based on a three-node replica architecture, it offers integrated solutions such as fail over, disaster recovery migration and online backup.


High Availability

Based on a three-node replica architecture, MongoDB automates disaster recovery and fault migration. It automatically performs operation and maintenance, which is 99.95% available.

High Reliability

The reliable underlying data storage supports both automatic backup and manual web-based backup, which is 99.9999% reliable.

High Performance

The storage engine has been optimized at the source code level and the underlying parameters have been tuned in an overall sense.

Easy to Use

MongoDB can be deployed rapidly and created automatically in minutes. 20-plus business monitoring items and database optimization suggestions from senior DBAs are available for free.


Web-based Instance Management

The web console helps to realize database instance management in the whole lifecycle, covering creation, view, return and renewal.

Comprehensive Instance Monitoring

MongoDB provides more than 20 instance monitoring items so that you can get fully aware of the business operation.

Perfect Data Backup

MongoDB supports both automatic and manual data backup so that you will feel free to use it.

Automatic Fault Switchover

A three-node replica underlying architecture ensures that MongoDB will automatically perform disaster recovery when any fault occurs at a node, making all the faults transparent.