Kingsoft Cloud Redis is an out-of-the-box, stable and reliable service for online caching and key-value storage. It supports active/standby hot backup and provides automatic disaster recovery, instance monitoring, online capacity expansion and other database services.


Customer-centered Configuration

Redis can be configured automatically. It enables customers to build their own services.


Redis adopts core-level underlying isolation and so it is strongly secure.

High Reliability

Redis supports active-standby hot backup to ensure stable services.


Redis supports one-click online expansion without interrupting the services.


Quick Creation

Redis can be created in one click so that enterprises can immediately get access to complete services.

Cluster Management

Redis is secure and stable because each service consists of multiple high-availability instances.

Customer-centered Configuration

Redis enables enterprises to configure multiple parameters themselves and build their own services.

Perfect Monitoring

Using Redis, enterprises will get to know at one sight how they are using the services, which is updated in real time.

Master/Slave Switching

Redis can finish master/slave switching in seconds after an instance failure, without affecting the service.