Web Application Firewall

Kingsoft Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides protection against common web threats in OWASP and ensure the security of users’ websites.
Quick Start


Cloud Defense

WAF can be directly configured in cloud without any extra hardware.

Real-time Effectiveness of Rules

Newly added rules can be synchronized across the entire network in seconds.

Professional Defense Team

Rules can be updated and synchronized within 24 hours after detection of zero-day vulnerabilities.

Charts for Visualization

WAF presents defense data to users from different dimensions.


Defense Against Basic Web Vulnerabilities

WAF detects all kinds of common threats, covering SQL injection, cross-site scripting, document inclusion and command execution.

Scanner Screening

WAF can screen common scanning tools such as SQLMap.

History Log Query

WAF aggregates seven days of attack data for users to meet the needs of security operation and maintenance.

User-defined Defense Settings

Users can select defense rules themselves.

Multi-Protocol Support

WAF supports HTTP and HTTP 2.0.


WAF Application Scenario

General Scenario

WAF Application Scenario

Kingsoft Cloud WAF works together with EIP to prevent SQL injection of Internet flows, CC attacks and other common attacks to Web server vulnerabilities.