Supply Chain Finance Solution

Kingsoft Cloud digital supply chain financial platform is a characteristic industry and finance platform based on the implement at ion of the block chain .The platform will ultimately help companies to achieve cost reduction, revenue increasing ,asset revitalization, and business intelligence.



It can achieve system docking with high-quality funders, intelligently matching assets according to the two-way demand of capitalists and corporate financing; it can provide financing services through various supply chain financial products, such as order financing, mortgage financing, receivable factoring, and debt transfer.

Digitalization of assets

It can realize entire life-cycle digital management of asset, providing smart account system and accounting balance model, asset management system, smart ABS system and other asset circulation system output.

Product business empowerment

The product factory realizes the output of the overall service plan of the industry, and can provide RPA and OCR products in terms of business.

Intelligent risk control

It outputs credit core model, anti-fraud model, customer profiles based on big data analysis, and external credit system docking, etc.

Intelligent operation

It collects whole business process data, from order production to product delivery, then helps enterprises to analyse operation efficiency and realize data-driven decision making.


Insurance Industry

Cloud-based electronic insurance policy

Securities Industry

The Securities Quotes Systems


Development and testing the Financial Cloud

data analysis

Financial Data Analysis Platform


Support integrated delivery of upper applications such as anti-fraud


Digital supply chain finance solutions

Based on blockchain technology and combined with Kingsoft and Xiaomi's practical experience in the financial technology field, the technical support for financial services will be provided on the platform.

Advantage of platform I

In terms of open access, the platform implements services such as business access, service access, and data access, and provides a multi-level open basic environment for new financial services.

Advantage of platform II

In the application of industry and finance, the platform provides financial support for enterprises around multiple financial scenarios such as accounts receivable, order financing, and e-commerce financing.

Advantage of platform Ⅲ

In terms of the blockchain, the platform provides services with distributed ledgers, smart contracts, consensus services, etc. has the advantages of non-tampering and traceability. Cooperate with Kingsoft Cloud's underlying cloud computing platform to provide efficient and secure computing storage and other services.